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Great Barrier Reef

Best Practices F - Unit 1

captivity kept in a zoo or aquarium
marine biologist a scientist who studies sea animals
reef a ridge of coral or rock close to or just above the surface of the water
snorkeling swimming underwater using a breathing tube that extends above the surface of the water
thrashing moving violently
sheath a case for a knife
frenzy wild activity
intricate having many details and parts
marine relating to the sea
organisms living things
tissues large groups of cells in a plant or animal
algae one-celled plants that can join to form seaweed
barnacles sea animals that stick to rocks, boats, or other surfaces
deposits lays
limestone rock that is formed from shells or coral
tentacles long,flexible arm-like structures
polyps sea animals with cylinder-shaped bodies that are attached at one end and open at the other
Created by: janosborne