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Commerce Ch. 6

Human Resources The aspect of business operations that deals with attracting and keeping employees.
Recruitment The process of attempting to hire an employee or enrol someone in a program.
Job Description A description of the requirements to preform a job and the responsibilites of the job.
Training A program that improves a person's ability to preform job skills. It is given over a set length of time.
Development A long process of upgrading an employee's ability to perform.
Assessment Evaluation
Performance Standards Specific, measurable, easy-to-communicate expectations that are used as part of the process in assessing employees' performance.
Compensation Payment and benefits when used in relation to employees, can includes wages and benefits.
Management The planning, organizing, and controlling of all business activities.
Planning First critical step for managers. Involves forecasting the future and begins with research.
Objectives Goals set by management.
Organizing Creating the structure and the right system to implement the plan.
Structure The arrangement of positions in a company based on who is responsible for what.
Systems Procedures that will help a company achieve its goals.
Leading Setting a direction.
Motivating Encouraging employees to act using positive or negative methods or a mix of both. This is external motivation. Internal motivation or influences comes from within.
Controlling Ensuring that company performance is going as planned.
Discrimination Unfair treatment on the basis of a characteristic such as race, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, or disability.
Harassment Repeatedly annoying someone.
Affirmative Action The process of improving employment practices so that they are fair to people who may have been discriminated against in the past.
Worker's Compensation Payment of benefits to injured workers.
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