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History & Approaches

Empiricism- Philosophy intuitionism compare rationalism the doctrine that all knowledge of matters of fact derives from experience and that the mind is not furnished with a set of concepts in advance of experience .
Structuralism- Any theory that embodies structural principles.
Functionalism- The doctrine that emphasizes the adaptiveness of the mental or behavioral processes.
Psychology- The scientific study of human and animal behavior, including phsyical, cognitive, and emotional activities.
Nature-Nurture Issue- A controversy concerning the relative importance of heredity (nature) and environment (nurture) in various aspects of individual development, such as intelligence, personality, or mental illness.
Natural Selection- In nature when organisms carrying certain genotypic characteristics that make them better adjusted to an environment tend to survive, reproduce, increase in number and able to transmit their essential genotypic qualities to succeeding generations.
Basic Research- Intended to extend what we already know
Applied Research- Using what we know to find something new
Clinical Psychology- A branch of psychology that specialises in discovering new knowledge and in applying the art and science of psychology to persons with emotional or behavioural disorders; subspecialties include clinical child psychology and paediatric psychology.
Psychiatry- A branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illness.
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