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4th Geography FK3

CCS 4th grade geography FK2 PA

plain a region of land that is primarily flat
coast land that borders a bay, sea, or ocean
port city where large ships travel to and from the city with goods and products: Philadelphia
bay a large body of water surrounded partially by, or located next to, land: Delaware Bay
piedmont land that lies at the base or foot of mountain
valley long, somewhat level land, located between mountains or hills
plateau land that is higher than the surrounding area
gorge a deep, narrow passage in the land through which water can flow, smaller than a canyon
glen narrow valley with water running through it
plain a region of land that is primarily flat
orchard a farm that grows fruit
waterform physical feature that holds water or allows water to flow from high places to lower places
source a spring, lake, or other body of water at which a stream or river begins
mouth a natural opening of a water form that empties into a larger body of water
Delaware River begins in New York State, flows south along Pennsylvania’s border, into the Delaware Bay, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean; both the Lehigh River and Schuylkill River flow into the Delaware River
Susquehanna River begins in New York State, flows through central Pennsylvania into the Chesapeake Bay, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean
Ohio River begins in Pittsburgh where the Monongahela River and Allegheny River converge; flows westward through other states into the Mississippi River, which flows south through the United States and empties into the Gulf of Mexico
Regions of Pennsylvania Atlantic Coastal Plain; Piedmont; Ridge and Valley; Allegheny Plateau; Erie Plain
Borders of Pennsylvania To the north is Lake Erie and New York; on the west is Ohio & West Virginia, to the south is Maryland and Delaware and on the east is the Delaware River and New Jersey
Rivers in Allegheny Plateau Region Allegheny River, Monongahela River, Ohio River
Mountains & Valleys in Ridge and Valley Region Cumberland, Lebanon, and Lehigh Valleys and Appalachian Mountains
Created by: ekahl5