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solar system world geography

how old is the solar system? 10-20 billion years
A cluster of stars galaxy
What does the solar system include besides the sun? planets, dwarf planets ,comets, and asteroids
Do planets generate their own light ? no
What year did pluto become a dwarf planet? 2006
Why arent the planets perfectly round? and what is the shape called? the poles are flat ish, and they are called oblate spheroids
What two planets dont have moons? mercury and venus
What is the sun/earth ratio? the sun is 100 times bigger than the earth
earths orbit is _____, or oval shaped elliptical
the moon is ____ the size of the earth one fourth
how foten does the moon orbit 29.5 days
the gravitational forces between the sun, earth , and moon influence what? physical processes on earth
what is an example of physical processes on earth caused by the gravitational forces between the sun, earth, and moon rise and fall of ocean tides
the tilt of the axis effects the amount of ___ solar energy received in certain places
what are the dates of the two solstices dec. 21 and june 21
what does equinox mean equal night
what are the dates for an equinox march 21 and september 22
___ % of the atmosphere is oxygen 21%
___ % is of the atmosphere is nydrogen 71%
___ is the key to life on earth environment
Created by: brittney143