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My Learning Summary

My concrete information to be a successful student

Successfully Navigate Moodle Gives knowledge of course syllabus, email, grades, assignments/dates and discussion forums. This knowledge will ensure success.
Using WebAdvisor for student success Makes it easy to view financial infomation, communicate with adviser, view/print/submit important documents, register for classes and much more.
Having successful strategies for Distance Learning Setting goals, keeping a regular study schedule, being involved with real-world situations that involve my field of study, rewarding myself and asking questions.
Taking advantage of GoogleDocs The use of GoogleDocs will minimize the clutter on my computer, take the pressure off my collaborators for feedback and the use of spreadsheets and graphs will be essential in my student success.
Make what I learn permanent Find an emotional connection to retain learned material and be sure to get 8 hours of sleep in order to move things to long term memory.
Retaining learned material This is an active process that requires me to be involved in the process of learning.
Making my memory work for me Working memory can on average only store 7 things at any given time. Also our attention span is only 10-20 minutes, so take breaks often.
Implement Brain Rules Prepare myself by adjusting my attitude toward studying, learn to find triggers and main ideas, keep a journal and get lots of exercise.
VARK score = Multimodal Focus my skills on my strengths = Read/write and kinesthetic. Take better notes and find active ways to review material.
Practice keys to Successful Planning Be realistic, account for time delays, manage my assignments, make time for myself and say no to outside interference.
Unlocking the diary Keeping a journal of my schedule and due dates will help me manage my student career.
Use time and stress management tips 1. Just do it 2. Get rid of 'stuff' 3. Make time for me 4. Ask for help 5. Avoid the guilt trip
Stress removal tips Become a time management expert, pay attention to my physical health and develop relaxation skills.
Modify and Enhance my ABC's Apply my skills and knowledge of 'PQRST' to my student success. Preview, Question, Read, State and Test.
Created by: mherring1738
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