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Sialography Week 1

Sialography RT 72

What is another name for the Parotid Duct? Where does it open up to in the mouth? Stensen's Duct.Opens into the mouth opposite the 2nd molar tooth.
What is another name for the Submandibular/Submaxillary Duct? Where does it open up into the mouth? Wharton's Duct. At the sides of the base of the Frenulum.
What is another name for the 12 small duct's from the Sublingual gland? What is another name for the 1 or 2 karger duct's from the Sublingual gland? Where do these ducts open up to? Duct's of Rivinus open at the Sublingual fold. Bartholin's Duct(s) open into the Submaxillary duct.
What are the 3 Salivary glands? Which one is the smallest Salivary gland? Parotid gland, Submandibular/Submaxillary gland & Sublingual gland. The sublingual gland.
Which gland does not have a single duct? The Sublingual gland.
Why is Sialography done? If MRI or CT does not give a definitive diagnosis for the patient's symptoms.
What are the contraindications to Sialogrpahy? Severe inflammation of Salivary duct's &/or history sensitivity to iodinated contrast media.
When are scout films taken for Sialography? For suspected Sialolithiasis (calculi).
What is Sialography? Radiographic visualization of the salivary glands and duct's.
What are the steps in the Sialography procedure? Setup of tray. Preliminary films. Stimulation of saliva production by lemon 2-3 minutes prior to injection. Physician locates duct and dilates and cannulates. Injection of contrast possibly w/fluoro. Secrete contrast w/lemon. 10 min post evac images.
What is the basic patient positioning for the AP tangential projection? For the PA tangential projection? Where is the CR directed? Patient supine with head slightly rotated towards affected side so it's perpendicular to IR. For PA, patient is prone with slight rotation away from affected side so affected side is perpendicular to IR. CR across lateral surface of mandibular rami.
What Salivary gland is demonstrated with the AP/PA tangential projections? The Parotid gland & Stensen's duct.
What is the basic patient positioning for the true lateral projection? Where is the CR centered? What is demonstrated with this projection? How can I tell if it's a true lateral? Affected side to iR w/the mid sagittal plane parallel to the IR. approximately 1 inch anterior to EAM and 1" superior to Angle/Gonion of Mandible. The Submaxillary/Submandibular glands and Wharton's duct. If the mandibular rami & angles are superimposed.
What is the basic patient positioning for the modified lateral? Where is CR centered? Affected side against IR. Rotate mid sagittal plane 15 degrees towards IR from true lateral. 1" anterior to EAM and 1" superior to Angle/Gonion?
What Salivary gland is demonstrated with the modified lateral? The Parotid Gland & Stensen's duct.
What is the basic patient positioning for the Axial-Intraoral/Inferosuperior (Occlusal) Projection? Where is the cassette? Where is the CR centered? Patient neck fully extended with mid sagittal plane perpendicualr to IR and the tranverse plane parallel to IR. placed in the patient's mouth with long axis oriented transversely contacting anterior borders of mandibular rami. Cr up through chin to IR.
What Salivary gland is demonstrated with the inferosuperior projection? The Sublingual glands with Duct's of Rivinus, Bartholin's Duct(s)and portion of the Submandibular/Submaxillary gland.
Created by: jamestkelley
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