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Art Vocab 9/2011

Balance A feeling of equality in weight attention or attraction of various visual elements.
Composition The placement of all the elements in a work of art.
Contour A rendering of an objects edges and interior lines without shading.
Contrast A large difference between two things.
Emphasis To stress an area.
Form organization or arrangement of all of the visual elements according to principles which develop an unity in the total work of art.
Gestalt Unified Whole.
Gradation Gradual step by step change from Light to Dark or Dark to Light values.
Line A path of a moving point, A mark made by a tool or instrument as it is drawn across a surface.
Movement to show flow or continuation in a picture.
Negative Space The unused area between, within or surrounding shapes and forms in an artistic composition.
Plane A flat surface, actual or implied.
Positive Space The enclosed area or shape.
Proportion The comparison of elements one to another in terms of their size, quantity or emphasis.
Rhythm A continuance or flow which is accomplished by repetition of regulated visual elements.
Shade To darken an area.
Shadow The dark area cast upon a surface by an object that is blocking light rays.
Shape An area having a specific character defined by an outline, color, value, or texture.
Space The interval between pre established points. Measurable differences.
Subject Matter The matter presented for consideration, thought or discussion. Describes style of art, refers to persons or things represented as well as experiences which serve as inspiration.
Texture Tactile qualities of a surface, either actual or implied.
Two Dimensional A flat surface, measured only by length and breadth but lacking in thickness or depth.
Unity The total effect of a work of art which results from the combination of all its components. Through this the art becomes one.
Value Light or darkness of the surface of an area by the amount of light reflected from it.
Variety Different things to add interest to an art work... color, line, and texture.
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