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unit 1 test review


sherman antitrust act outlawed any trust that operated in restraint of trade or commerce among the several states. for more than a decade the provision was seldom enforced.this began a trend toward federal limitations on corporations power.
cartel in this arrangement, businesses making rhw samw product agree to limit their production and thus keep the prices high.
trust companies assign their stock to a board of trustees who combine them into a new organization, paying themsleves dividends on profits.
monopoly complete comtrol of a productor service.
ellis island most european immigrants arrived in New York harbor. they were processed here.
angel island chinese and other asian immigrants crossed the pacific ocean, arriving in San Francisco Bay. they were processed here.
corporations many people share the ownership of a business.
horizontal integration a system of consolidating many firms in the same business.rockefeller was one of the first business men to use this system.
vertical integration allowed companies to reduce costs and charge higher prices to competitors.
interstate commerce commission (ICC) created by the U.S. to oversee railroad corporations.first federal body ever set up to monitor american business operations.could only monitor railroads that crossed state lines. could not make laws or control the railroads transactions.
steerage the worst accomodations on the ship.
civil acts right of 1875 guaranteed black patrons the right to ride trains and use public facilities such as hotels.however in a series of civil acts right cases decided in 1883, the supreme court ruled that decisions about who could use public accomodations was a local issue.
thomas nast had a series of cartoons which expressedthe illegal activitied of "boss"
dawes general allotment act replaced the reservation system with an allotment system. each indian was granted a 160 acre farmstead.
open range system property was not fenced in.cattle from any ranch grazed freely.
homestead act the government offered farm plots of 160 acres to anyone willing to live on the land for five years, dig a well, and build a road.
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