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History 6th

Ch.2- Cold Land

the North Pole and the surrounding area that lies between Arctic
the point that trees can not grow any more because the extreme cold weather timberline
in the far north lies, aurora borealis OR northern lights
the smallest and coldest ocean on the earth Arctic Ocean
the water that has turned into ice and will slide down the mountain is called Glaciers
a small piece of a glacier that has been broken iceberg
tiny plant and animals that live in Arctic ocean Plankton
small whales whose males have a single spiraled narwhals
some of the world's largest carnivores polar bear
strange looking birds that spent time swimming for food in the Arctic Puffins
well equipped animals who live in the arctic ocean Fur seals
a fat layer of skin called blubber
what is the main source of the Western Hemisphere's ice burgs Western Greenland
Eris the _________a _________from Norway, founded the island's first European settlement red and Viking
the treeless Arctic Ocean plains north of the timberline form a region called the tundra
Most of the tundra is north of the Arctic Circle, in the north Frigid Zone
the tundra's nikename "land of the Midnight sun"
permanently frozen ground is called permafrost
wich too plants are needed to make up the plant called lichens fingi and algea
the word's smallest tree Arctic willow
insome places the Arctic willow only grows to the height of 2 inches
a bird that migrates farther than any other bird sea
the sea bird migrates around how many miles per year 22,000 WOW!!!
a bird that has on its feet a mat oof short feathers that serve as snowshoes in the snow ptarmigan
tree types of birds that also live on the tundra snowy owl gulls snow goose canada goose
are large cattle like animals that standabout five feet tall musk oxen
North American reindeer caribou
this animal hunt birds in the short Arctic summer and is a memmber of the dog family Actic Wolf
little rodents that look like fat, round mice lemmings
an Indian word that means "eater of raw meat" Eskimos
a word which mean "the people" Inuits
their main food was meat
their most common types of meats seal and caribou
freezing temperatures forced to so that the Eskimos and Inuits to wear heavy clothing almost all year around
"boots" water proof boots that re made out of seal skin mukluks
long,hooded jackets made from many different types of fur parkas
a large open boat also made of skin stretched over the frame; used for long hunting trips umiak
snow houses and sod igloos
the______ is the only kind of animal that was domesticated "tamed" well trained for transportation dog
gave a good inhabitants of the of the arctic a good way to travel over ice and snow dog sled
what eskimos and Inuits use for transporation instead of dogs to pull their sleds snowmobiles
a one-man boat constructed of seal skin stretched over a frame kayak
a barbed head attached to a long shaft; made of wood or bone harpoons
who was responsible to bring written language to the eskimos and inuits missionaries
the most famous missionary to the Canadian inuits Sir Wilfred Genfell of England
a russian word meaning "forest", referring to the cold northern woods taiga
another common word referring to the cold northern woods; boreal means northern boreal forest
the main tree of the taiga and the oldest and largest tree in the world conifers
trees that keep their leaves all year long evergreens
valued food for their woo, grow in the taiga spruce
balsam fir pines and figs grows well in where taiga
what is the "famous" information about the broadleave tree they are the most varied trees in the world
means they loose their leaves in the fall deciduous
it other name is canoe birch and is distinguished by its brown to whitish bark which can easy be peeled from the tree in layers paper birch
what animal would room throughout the taiga woodland caribou
the larges member of the deer family moose
millions of _________ ________ animals live on the taiga fur-bearing animals
north America's largest rodent beaver
what animals have done more than all the animals to shape the landscape of the north a beavers
a long,slender animal that is active hungry predator that feeds on various rodents weasel
one type of weasel that sheds it winter coat in the summer ermine
"skunk bear" has been its name because of its apprehensiveness wolverine
has ferry feet that helps it walk in the snow marten
one type of weasel that has a luxurious fur coat mink
the ermine has a chocolate coat in the summer and a what in the winter of white
a large black bird about 26 inches and that resembles the crow raven
one of the worlds most intelligent crow
a bird that is among the largest and most powerful birds ever golden eagle
"king of birds" bald eagle
long,runnerless sleds toboggans
they had to use what so that their feet would not freeze in the snow snowshoes
a mixture of dried meat pounded together with fat and berries pemmican
the Indians made what out of skins of moose and caribou clothing
soft leather shoes moccasin
it seamed like the ______- people may have gotten there name from the seams on there shoes Ojibwa
Ojibwa people are sometimes called chippewa
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