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Leach Soc Chapter 3

Leach Sociology Terms Chapter 3

self-fulfillment commitment to the full development of one's personality, talents, and potential
narcissism extreme self-centeredness
internalization process by which a norm becomes a part of an individual's personality, thereby conditioning the individual to conform to society's expectation
sanctions rewards or punishments used to enforce conformity to norms
social control enforcing of norms through either internalization or sanctions
ideology system of beliefs or ideas that justifies some social, moral, religious, political, or economic interests held by a social group or by society
social movement long-term conscious effort to promote or prevent social change
technology knowledge and tools people use for practical purposes
diffusion spread of culture traits-ideas, acts, beliefs, and material objects-from one society to another
reformulation the process of adapting borrowed cultural traits
cultural lag situation in which some aspects of the culture change less rapidly, or lag behind, other aspects of the same culture
Created by: CoachLeach