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Belt and Disc Sander

Shop Class Safety Sets

_______________ wear eye protection. always
Loose clothing can easily get __________ in the sander. caught
You must have a ____________ with you when sanding. partner
Project parts must be large enough to hold with two hands. __________ pieces of wood should not be used. small
The sanding belt and disc must be in good condition. Don’t use them if they are clogged, loose, burned, or ____________. torn
When you turn on the sander make sure the belt is ____________ in the center. tracking
Never leave the sander while it is ___________. running
Never stand to the ________ of the disc sander. sides
Keep the wood moving back and forth across the abrasive belt or disc. Holding it in one place will cause the material to ____________ and burn. overheat
The clearance between the disc and the table should be as ___________ as possible to prevent your fingers from being pulled in. close
Only sand on the side of the disc that is moving _____________. downward
Always keep the material flat on the table. Never try to sand ______________. free-handed
The disk sander is intended for the ____________ of the wood. ends
The most dangerous part of a wood project is the ________________. corners and edges
When using the belt sander, the belt must stay centered in order to keep from damaging the _________ and to keep from damaging the machine. belt
If the wood slips out of your hand while you’re sanding, you should ______________ the machine and start again safely. turn off
The cleaning block should be held at an _________ when cleaning the belt. angle
Place the wood against the ____________ when you start sanding. backstop
Keep your fingers off the belt and away from the __________ by the drum covers. cracks
Created by: Steve Corn
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