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the evolutionary process by which those individuals of a species that are best adapted are the ones that survive and reproduce. Natural selection
behavior that promotes an organism's survival in the natural habitat Adaptive behavior
the complex molecule that has a double helix shape, like a spiral staircase, and it contains genetic information. DNA
the complete set of developmental instructions for creating proteins that initiate the making of a human organism genome
a single cell formed through fertilization zygote
all of a persons genetic material makes up his or her genotype
consists of observable characteristics(physical and psychological) phenotype
Most mutated genes are recessive
Down syndrome appears approximately once in every 700 live births
a genetic disorder that impairs the body's red blood cells sickle-cell anemia
states that development is the result of an ongoing, bidirectional interchange between heredity and the environment epigentic view
is the period of prenatal development that takes place in the first two weeks after conception germinal period
happens from two to eight weeks after conception. embryonic period
contains two arteries and one vein, and it connects the baby to the placenta umbilical cord
the prenatal period of development that begins two months after conception and last for 7months fetal period
any agent hat can potentially cause a birth defect or negatively alter cognitive and behavioral outcomes teratogen
3 general principles dose,genetic susceptibility,time of exposure
a cluster of abnormalities and problems that appear in the offspring of mothers who drink alcohol heavily during pregnancy Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
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