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Pharmocology intro

introduction to Pharm

Pharmocology How drugs are administered, where they go and what happens to them.
Pharmacoeconomics? How much meds cost
What does the generic name consist of? Chemical properties of a drug
Name assigned by the company marketing the drug? Trade name
How long can a drug developer market a drug? 14 yrs
Developed to limit the variability of active ingredients in doses of drugs? Drug Standards
This act restricted the making and saleing of Narcotics? 1914 Harrision Narcotic Act
Gave FDA control over drug safety and application of New Drugs? 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act Amendment
regulated distribution of Narcotics? 1970 Controlled Substances Act
Drugs that have a High potential for abuse & not approved for medical use? Schedule 1: heroin, GHB, LSD
Drugs that are used medically and have high abuse potentials? Schedule 2: Opoid analgesics: Codeine, hydromorphone, CNS stimulants
Drugs that have less potential for abuse than those in Schedules 1 & 2, but may lead to phychological dependence? androgens and anabolic steroids
Drugs with some potential for abuse? Schedule 4 sedatives-hypnotics, benzodiazepines
Drugs containing moderate amounts of controlled substances and restrictions regarding amt Schedule V antidiarrheal drugs
The amount of Drug it takes to cause the least effect possible Serum Drug levels
Drug action and relationship between drug concentration and responses in the body Parmacodynamics
Relieve pain by suppressing pain impulse Opioid analgesics
adverse effects of opioid analgesics Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, Depression
Teaching needs of opiod Analgesics monitor respiratory rate, safety precautions, assess pain frequently and response to meds, increase fiber and fluids, avoid alochol
Prototype opiod analgesics Morphine Sulphate
Primary site for excretion Kidney
The study of drug movement throughout the body Pharmacokinetics
amount of drug in blood at a certain time Serum drug levels
Time required for the serum concentration of a drug to decrease by 50% Serum Half Life
2 drugs with similar pharmacologic actons taken togethr increasing effects Additive effect
2 drugs taken together with different sites of mechanisms of acton producing greather effects Potentiation (Synergism)
One drug interferes with the metabolism of another Interference
Created by: MissT08