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Architectural Design I Glossary Test 3

Bundled Cable A cable that has several types of conductors inside one PVC jacket.
Bureau of Land Management The branch of government in charge of surveying public lands.
Cable Pair The two wires of a telephone line.
CADD Acronym for computer- aided drafting and design.
CADD Workstation A computer “ system” that generally consists of a computer or processor, monitor, graphics adapter, input and pointing device, and hardcopy device.
Cantilevered Joists Required when the floor joists are parallel to the overhanging ( cantilevered) area; run perpendicular to the floor joists.
Cape Ann An early Colonial house with a central chimney, gambrel roof, and attic rooms.
Cape Cod One of the earliest and best known of the traditional Colonial styles.
Carbon Monoxide ( CO) An odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that is potentially deadly; produced wherever there is incomplete combustion.
Carbon Monoxide ( CO) Detector A device that detects dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide.
Carport A garage not fully enclosed. Cartesian Coordinates
Casement Window Has sashes hinged at the side so the window swings outward.
Casing The trim that covers the space between the jamb and rough framing.
Caulk A waterproof material used to seal cracks.
Cavity Walls Concrete block walls; walls built of masonry units arranged to provide a continuous air space 2. to 3. thick.
Cement Composed of a mixture of lime, silica, alumina, iron components, and gypsum.
Cement Mortar Mix A mixture of one part Portland cement and six parts sand.
Centerlines Indicate the center of holes and symmetrical objects such as windows and doors.
Central Processing Unit ( CPU) Contains the processor, RAM, and input/ output interfaces; the “ box” found on most PCs.
Chain A unit of land measurement 66' in length.
Chamfer A beveled edge on a board formed by removing the sharp corner; generally used on moldings, edges of drawer fronts, and cabinet doors.
Chase A slot or continuous groove built in a masonry wall to accommodate ducts, pipes, or conduits.
Chimney A vertical flue for passing smoke from a heating unit, fireplace, or incinerator.
Chipped Grain Wood surface that has been roughened by the action of cutting tools; considered a defect when surfaces are to be smoothly finished.
Chords The horizontal flanges at the top and bottom of a truss.
Circle Top Window Circular windows typically installed above another window; available in quarter circles, half circles, ellipses, or full circles.
Circuit A path through which electricity flows from a source to one or more devices and then returns to the source.
Circuit Breaker A safety device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means, and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overload of current.
Circular Stairs A set of stairs with trapezoidal steps that rise along an irregular curve or arc.
Circulating Stove A stove that uses air flow and radiant heat to distribute warmth throughout a room.
Cleanout In a fireplace, a door to allow access for removal of ashes from the ash dump; in plumbing system, permits the use of a cable to free waste from the house drain or sewer.
Clear Span The horizontal distance from the inside of one exterior stud wall to the inside of the opposite exterior stud wall.
Clear Title A title to property that is free of any defects.
Cleat A piece of wood fastened to another member to serve as a brace or support; normally used in frame construction.
Clerestory Window A window placed high on a wall.
Climate Control Equipment Schedule Provides an orderly means of specifying equipment to be used in the climate control system.
Climate Control Plan Shows the location, size, and type of heating, cooling, ventilating, humidification, and air cleaning equipment and the required piping or ducts.
Close Cornice A cornice in which the rafter does not project beyond the wall.
Closed Plan Rooms are in “ cubicles” with little chance for overflow into other rooms.
Clothes Care Center Provides an area for washing, drying, pressing, folding, storing, and mending clothes; intended to be more than a “ utility” room.
Cold Water Branch Lines Run from the cold water main to each of the fixtures.
Cold Water Main Extends to various parts of the house to provide unheated water to the fixtures.
Collar Beam Nominal 1 inch or 2 inch thick members connecting opposite roof rafters; serve to stiffen the roof structure.
Combination Systems Home automation systems that “ pick and choose” from hard- wired systems, power line technology, and structured wiring systems providing the opportunity to design a very high tech, custom system. Combination Window
Command Line Where a computer command can be typed to activate it.
Commands Instructions to computer software, such as instructions given to a CADD program.
Common Brick Not as uniform in size and color as face brick; may have a lip on one or more edges.
Common Method The most common of several methods for drawing two- point perspectives; also called the office method.
Created by: JCJC DDT
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