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New Vocab

abortive failing to accomplish intended aim; miscarried, premature
adjunct helper; addition, associate
aegis protection, under the sponsorship of; auspices
affinity natural attraction for thing, person; penchant
aficionado follower or fan; enthusiast
ancillary subordinate, supplementary; adjunct
apprise to inform; notify
bellwether ringleader; initiator
bibulous fond of the drink; alcoholic
bilious sickeningly unpleasant; choleric, irascible
bowdlerize edit, censor; purge
browbeat intimidate by overbearing manner; coerce
bruit spread news, unsubstantiated rumors; gossiped, blazon
caterwaul shrieking singing; whine, wail
chimerical wildly fantastic; fanciful
claque paid to clap; fan club
cognate closely related in origin; affiliated, relative
commensurate equal in size; comparable
condescend patronize; deign
contumelious insolent or rude behavior; insultingly abusive
corollary natural result or consequence; deduction, conclusion
cozen to trick, cheat; dupe, beguile
cul-de-sac dead end street; impasse
deracinate pull up by the roots; expunge
berring-do valor or heroism; bravado
diaphanous very sheer and light, transparent; translucent
dictum short saying; precept
divination predicting the future; prophecy
effete enfeebled, out of date, sterile; decadent, outmoded
eleemosynary philanthropic; charitable
elixir medicine to cure all ills; nostrum
emolument fee or salary; pay, wages
enclave enclosed district or region; island, subgroup
ensconce settle in and firmly in position; nestle, entrench
fait accompli accomplished fact
folderol foolish talk, nonsense; gibberish
foray quick raid, especially for plunder; sortie
forte strong point; aptitude, specialty
gamut entire range or series; compass
genre type or class; species, sort
gratis free; without price
hierarchy chain of command; pecking order
hidebound narrow-minded, intolerant; unthinkingly conservative
hoi polloi common people; masses, rank and file
homily sermons on moral principles; lec ture or discourse
icon sacred image; emblem, idol
iconoclastic attacking or seeking to overthrow ideas, heretical
immure enclose or imprison; incarcerate
in media res in the middle of a plot; midpoint
indigenous native; domestic
ineffable to great or sacred to be uttered; inexpressible
insouciant unconcerned, indifferent; nonchalant, blase'
internecine mutually destructive with bloodshed; murderous, ruinous
interstice narrow space between things; slit, crevice
lachrymose mournful; doleful
lexicon dictionary of specialized terms; wordbook
liturgy ceremony; observance
lubcubration laborious study; burning the midnight oil
macrocosm universe; entirety
maladroit lacking skill, tact, perception or judgment; inept, gauche
matrix mold, pattern; model
maudlin excessively sentimental; mushy
melee voilent struggle; brawl, donnybrook
microcosm miniature world; epitome
minuscule tiny, lowercase letter; infinitesimal
mirage optical illusion; illusion
mnemonic device to aid the memory; reminder, cue
modulate change - temper or soften, adjust; adapt
morass bog - confusing situation; quagmire
mountebank swindler; imposter
noisome vile - loathsome; noxious
obfuscate confuse or bewilder; muddy the waters
oblivious unaware; insensible
obloquy public abuse, strong censure; discredit, dishonor
obsequies funeral rites or ceremonies; last rights
paean song of praise; hymn, ode
panache confident or stylish manner; flamboyance
parameter limit, boundary; shapes the outcome
paternalism manner of a father; benevolence
persiflage light hearted joking; raillery
persona character in a novel or play; personality, image
philippic bitter verbal attack; harangue, diatribe
plethora over fullness; surplus, surfeit, glut
polarize contrasting positions; split, divide
poltroon coward; chicken, dastard
portentous foreshadowing, pompous; pretentious, foreboding
pragmatic practical; down-to-earth
prescience foresight, knowledge before it happens; foreknowledge
proselyte disciple, novice, convert; neophyte
prurient having lustful desires; salacious, lewd
pundit one who gives authoritative opinions; authority, savant
purview scope or limit; jurisdiction
quasi semi; kind of
quid pro quo something given in exchange for something; swap, trade
quizzical puzzled; perplexed, mystified
raillery banter - good natured; persiflage
rapacity inordinate greed; avarice, extortion
ribald bawdy - risque'; coarse or vulgar
risible laughable; ludicrous
sacrosanct very sacred or holy, immune from attack; holy, inviolabe
salubrious conducive to health or wellbeing; beneficial, healthy
sanguine cheerful, ruddy; optimistic
saturnalian riotous behavior; debauchery
schism formal split; rift, breach
solecism breech of etiquette, grammatical error; blunder, faux pas
supine lethargic - lying on the back; prone, prostrate
symptomatic typical or characteristic; indicative
systemic pertaining to the entire body; comprehensive
tendentious intended to promote a particular point of view; partial
therapeutic power to heal; salubrious, beneficial
touchstone means of testing worthiness; yardstick, benchmark
traumatic so shocking to cause emotional damage, jolting
vassal servants; minion
verisimilitude life like; realism
vicissitude successive or changing phases; fluctuation, variation
vignette thumbnail sketch; anecdote
virtuoso master of a skill; expert, prodigy
vitiate to weaken, debase or impair the quality of; degrade, undermine
volte-face complete reversal; turnabout
waggish characteristic of a joker; whimiscal
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