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PhTech Top 200 - p2

BRC Top 200 drugs worksheet 2

Lotensin benazepril ACE inhibitor - anti-hypertensive
Lotensin HCT benazepril with hydrochlorothiazide ACE inhibitor - anti-hypertensive
Ziac bisprolol with hyrochlorothiazide Beta blocker - anti-hypertensive
Alphagan P brimonidine ophthalmic preparation - treats glaucoma and occular hypertension by reducing the amount of fluid in the eye
Pulmicort budesonide glucocorticoid - steriodal asthma treatment
Rhinocort budesonide corticosteriod - steroidal allergy treatment, releives congestion
Wellbutrin buproprion antidepressant
Zyban buproprion antidepressent
Buspar buspirone anti-anxiety
Miacalcin calcitonin get from fish (salmon) parathyroid - slows osteoclast activity, slows bone breakdown osteoporosis treatment
Atacand candesartan ARB - antiotensin II recpetor antagonist - anti-hypertensive
Soma carisoprodol muscle relaxer
Coreg carvedilol beta blocker - anti-hypertensive
Omnicef cefdinir cephalosporin - penicillin (beta-lactam) antibiotic
Cefzil cefprozil cephalosporin - penicillin (beta-lactam) antibiotic
Celebrex celecoxib NSAID pain releiver (anti-arthritis)
Keflex cephalexin cephalosporin - penicillin (beta-lactam) antibiotic (bacterial infection treatment)
Zyrtec cetirizine antihistamine (allergy med)
Zyrtec-D cetirizine with pseudoephedrine antihistamine (allergy med)
Ciloxan ciprofloxacin antibiotic
Cipro ciprofloxacin HCT quinolone - broad spectrum antibiotic (bacterial infection treatment)
Celexa citalopram antidepressent (selective serotonin receptor inhibitor)
Biaxin clarithromycin macrolide antibioticc (like zithromycin (Zithromax))
Cleocin clindamycin antibacterial (skin and mucous membrane)
Klonopin clonazepam benzodiazepine - anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety Civ (class 4)
Created by: tmbstnphotos