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ABC Ten Signal Code

ABC Ten Signal Codes - radio operation

Receiving poorly - repeat message 10-1
Receiving well 10-2
Coffee Break 10-3
Acknowledgement (okay) 10-4
Relay message 10-5
Busy unless urgent 10-6
Out of Service 10-7
In Service 10-8
That radio not working or no radio 10-9
Out of service but subject to call 10-10
Unnecessary use of radio 10-11
Visitors present 10-12
Weather- road report 10-13
Flat front tire 10-14
Flat rear tire 10-15
Out of fuel 10-16
Mechanical breakdown - road call 10-17
Quickly 10-18
Return to office 10-19
Give your location 10-20
Call in by phone 10-21
Disregard 10-22
Arrived at the scene 10-23
Affirmative 10-24
Report in person to ... . 10-25
No directional signal 10-26
Broken window 10-27
Dead battery 10-28
Cut seat 10-29
Ready for assignment 10-30
No ____ lights (head, tail, brake, marker) 10-31
Stop arm not working 10-32
No school bus flashers 10-33
Riot 10-34
Pick up food or package 10-35
Correct time 10-36
Investigate empty bus 10-37
Pulling over bus enroute 10-38
Take bus back to school 10-39
Wrong number in window 10-40
Take bus to police station 10-41
Take students home 10-42
Information 10-43
No windshield wipers 10-44
Do not move the bus 10-45
Assist driver at ... . 10-46
Bus won't start 10-47
Train signal inoperative at ... . 10-48
Traffic light out at ... . 10-49
Accident 10-50
Wrecker needed 10-51
Ambulance needed 10-52
Police needed 10-53
Students on bus 10-54
ABC vehicle 10-55
Clutch or transmission out 10-56
Hit and run 10-57
Direct traffic 10-58
Convoy or escort 10-59
Bus in vacinity 10-60
Tell driver to report in office 10-61
Reply to message 10-62
Make new route sheet 10-63
Who drives route _____ at _____ ? 10-64
What bus is _____ driving? 10-65
Cancel message 10-66
Do not call vehicle ... until told 10-67
Stand by 10-68
Going to washroom 10-69
Fire alarm 10-70
Fire on bus 10-71
Driver okay 10-72
Fire cracker on bus 10-73
Negative (No) 10-74
Bus has arrived 10-75
Bus has left on route 10-76
E.T.A. (estimated time of arrival) 10-77
Need assistance on bus 10-78
Notify insurance company 10-79
Chase down vehicle 10-80
Delayed by train 10-81
Racial problems 10-82
Running late 10-83
Bus with discipline problem 10-84
Message received 10-85
Bus pulling out - out of order 10-86
Going too fast 10-87
Give telephone number of _____. 10-88
Fight on the bus 10-89
Pick up all students as soon as possible 10-90
Is everything okay on your side? 10-91
Improperly marked vehicle 10-92
Injuries 10-93
Smoking on the bus 10-94
Delinquent student in custody 10-95
Sick student on bus 10-96
Talking to students on bus 10-97
Notify bus supervisor at ... . 10-98
How do you read me? 10-99
Created by: ABCKim