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Band Saw Rules

Shop Class Safety Sets

Use the band saw only after it has been demonstrated for you and you understand how to use it correctly and _________________. safely
The wheel guards must be closed and ___________ before the saw is turned on. locked
Before you switch on the saw, adjust the upper blade guide so it’s about _______ of an inch above the wood. 1/4th
When you switch on the saw, make sure that it is ____________ properly. The blade should move evenly between the blade guides and along the blade support wheel. tracking
Keep your fingers away from the front of the blade. Guide the wood so your hands and fingers are _______ in line with the cut. Keep them completely out of the path of the cut. never
Don’t ___________ the band saw while it is running. Turn it off and wait for it to come to a complete stop before you leave. leave
Never stand to the __________ of the table. If the blade breaks it could be thrown out of the saw toward the right side & cause severe injury. right
If the blade makes a ____________ noise while it’s running, turn off the saw immediately. A clicking sounds means there is a crack in the blade. It usually means the blade is about to break. clicking
If the blade breaks, get out of the way _____________. immediately
Never make adjustments on the saw while it’s ___________. Adjustments should be made only when the saw is completely stopped. moving
Wait for the saw to come to ____________ speed before you start the cut. full
Don’t ___________ the cut. Feed the wood slowly to allow a smooth, easy cut. force
If you have to ___________________ of a cut, turn off the saw and wait for it to stop. Pull the wood back without forcing it. Don’t twist the blade. back out
Don’t cut cylindrical or round wood on the band saw without a ______________. V-block
Use a narrow blade for cutting small circles or sharp curves. Make __________________ first to free the blade as you saw. relief cuts
Use a piece of _______________ to remove scraps around the blade, not your fingers. It’s best to stop the saw then remove the scraps. wood
You may use the band saw with _________________ after you have gotten permission from the instructor, 100% on your written test, and 100% on your demonstration test. a partner
Wood should not be touching the __________ when you turn on the saw. blade
Blade _____________ are on the saw to protect the operator, you. guards
Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are ______________ when using the band saw. not allowed
When turning it off, you should let the blade slowly come to a _________________ on its own. complete stop
Raising and lowering the guide post is done with _________________. two hands
Created by: Steve Corn