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Patient Care lange q


When assisting pt to xray table, radtech should: position stronger side closer to table
Honor Code violations that prevent radstudent from ARRT certifacation 1. being suspended from rt program 2. being dismissed/expelled from rt program
for medicolegal reasons, xrays require pt name or id #, Rt/Lt side marker, date of exam (dob not necessary
radtech who discloses confidential pt info to unauthorized people can be found guilty of invasion of privacy
iatrogenic infection is caused by physician intervention
vasomotor effect after injection of contrast are: nausea, syncope, anxiety (not hypotension)
higher the gauge # of IV needle, the smaller the diameter
anatomical structures of ingestion of barium sulfate esophagus, fundus, body, pylorus of stomach to small bowel duodenum, jejunum, ileum
drug to treat dysrhythmias lidocaine
COPD bronchitis, PE, asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis
spinal canal parenteral route intrathecal (subarachnoid space)
accidental injection of med or contrast into tissues around a vein extravasation
transmitted via infected blood HBV, AIDS (not TB)
mechanical device to correct an infectual cardiac rhythm defibrillator
u see unconscious person w/ no rise & fall of chest or breath sounds, u should begin mouth to mouth rescue breathing, giving 2 full breaths
in classifying IV contrast agents, the total # of dissolved particles in sol'n per kg of water is osmolality
violation of sterile technique pass each other face to face (sterile field u pass back to back)
respondeat superior let the master answer
some medical equip. that include latex tourniquets, enema tips, catheters
conditions in which there is a lack of normal bone calcification rickets, osteomalacia
qty of med introduced intravenously over a period of time an infusion
anaphylactic shock manifests early symptoms dysphagia, itching of palms & soles, constriction of throat
legal document for individual's health care decisions if unable to make them on their own advance health care directive, living will, health care proxy
stage of infection when infective microbes begin to multiply incubation period
when CPR on infant is performed, #of compressions/min compared for an adult is increased
hand hygiene & skin care hand washed before each pt, open/close faucets w/ paper towels, hands smooth & free of chapping
pt suffering from orthopnea would experience the least discomfort in which body position Erect (Orthopnea is respiratory condition pt has difficulty breathing-erect, standing or seated is good)
urinary Foley catheter bag should be below level of bladder
instruments to assess vital signs stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, a watch w/ second hand
Hirschsprung disease or congenital megacolon, is related to which age group Neonate
Possible side effects of an iodinated contrast medium thru IV warm flush feeling, metallic taste, nausea, HA, pain in injection site. Adverse effects-itching, anxiety, rash or hives, vomiting, sneezing, dyspnea, hypotention
BP 145/75 mmHg, what is the 145? phase of contraction of the cardiac muscle tissue; systole
fax of health info is permitted for urgent pt care & 3rd party payer hospitalization certification
forms of intentional misconduct slander & invasion of privacy
In her studies on death & dying, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross described the 1st stage of grieving process as denial
When dealing w/ unconscious pt, u still refer pt by name, make only statements that u would make w/ conscious pt, reassure pt about what u are doing
a cathartic is used to stimulate defecation
when x-raying elderly address by full name, give straightforward instructions
what is the needle angle for intramuscular injections 90 degrees
how should the wheelchair footrests be when assisting pt off/on it moved aside
an esophagram would most likely be requested for pt w/ which disorders/symptoms? 1.varices 2.achalasia 3.dysphasia varices & achalasia
what helps to reduce the viscosity of contrast media warming
type of shock assoc. w/ PE or MI cardiogenic
what must be included in pt's medical record or chart? 1.diagnostic & therapeutic orders 2. medical history 3. informed consent all
what type of precautions prevent the spread of infectious agents in droplet form airborne precautions
pt's consent is valid when: 1. pt sign consent form before sedation 2. physician named on consent form must perform the procedure 3. all the blanks on the consent form must be filled in before the pt signs the form all
Heimlich maneuver is used if pt is choking
Fomite examples doorknob, spoon, x-ray table (not mouse)
legal phrase in which both the health care provider's & pt's actions contributed to an injurious outcome contributory negligence
1st treatment for extravasation of contrast media during IV injection apply pressure to the vein until bleeding stops
which diastolic pressure readings might be hypertention? a.40mmHg b.60mmHg c.80mmHg d.100mmHg 100mmHg
to reduce back strain from moving heavy objects, radtech should pull object
Oxygen is classified as a drug & be prescribed by md
If an emergency trauma pt experiences hemorrhaging from a leg injury, the RT should apply pressure to bleeding site & call ED for assistance
Gas-producing powder or crystals usually are ingested prelimanary to which of the following exams? a. IVU b. BE c. cholecsytogram d.UGI UGI -double-contrast GI series
Airborne precautions require patient wear a mask
MRSA precautions requires RT to wear masks
Droplet precautions requires gloves
contaminated needles disposed sharps container- do not recap needle & dispose entire syringe
Swan-Ganz catheter is an IV catheter
which exams require restriction of pt's diet? a.BE b.pyelogram c. metastatic survey BE & pyelogram
RT must do what before entering a contact isolation room w/ mobile xray unit? put on gown & gloves
NG tube Salem-sump, Levin
Central venous lines: Port-a-Cath, PICC, Swan-Ganz catheter
Most effective method of sterilization moist heat
condition which pulmonary alveoli lose their elasticity and become permanently inflated, causing the pt to consciously exhale is emphysema
Chest drainage systems should always be kept below the level of the pt's chest
Venous device used for pt requiring IV injection at frequent or regular intervals Heparin lock
proper care of pt w/ tracheostomy: a.employ sterile technique if u must touch a trach b.before suction trach, pt should be well aerated c. never suction longer than 15 seconds-pt rest in between all
Eye gear to be worn assisting Radiologist w/ angiogram or biopsy/aspiration procedure
BUN ranges normal 8 to 25 mg/100mL
Particulate matter entering the respiratory bronchi can cause pneumoconiosis
forms of mechanical obstruction seen in neonates or infants meconium ileus, volvulus, intussusception (not paralytic ileus)
pain whose coronary arteries are not conveying sufficient blood to the heart angina pectoris
MRI procedure is contraindicated for pt who has aneurysm clips
inanimate object that has been in contact w/ infectious microorganism is fomite
advantages of using nonionic, water-soluble contrast media are: a low toxicity; fewer adverse reactions
gerontologic pts undergo physical changes muscle mass; bone calcium
MRSA precautions patient, RT's are to: one RT stays "clean"(no physical contact w/pt), the RT who positions the mobile unit also makes exposure
symptoms assoc. w/ respiratory reaction to contrast media include sneezing, hoarseness, wheezing
when pt asks to see chart advise for him to view chart w/ his md
skin discoloration owing to cyanosis may be observed in gums or earlobes
pt feels faint, RT should lay pt down on x-ray table; elevate the pt's legs or place the table slightly Trendelenburg
urticaria hives
BP measured in mmHg (mercury)
which blood vessels are best suited for determination of pulse rate superficial arteries
which ethical principle is related to sincerity & truthfulness Veracity
talipes congenital clubfoot
which order should these exams be performed IVU, BE, UGI
hypochlorite bleach (clorox) & Lysol are disinfectants
condition that allows blood to shunt between the right & left ventricles is called ventricular septal defect
Logrolling is a method of moving pts having suspected of spinal injury
the cycle of infection includes which of the following components? a.reservoir of infection b.susceptible host c. means of transmission all
act of inspiration will cause elevation of sternum & ribs
RT can be guilty of a tort if failure to shield a pt of childbearing age from unnecessary radiation, performing an exam on pt who has refused exam, discussing a pt's condition w/ a 3rd party
to clean contaminated objects or surfaces clean from the least contaminated to the most contaminated areas, clean from top down
RT did LSP xray that was suppose to have elbow xray, what charges can be brought against RT? Battery
types of inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease (not intussusception-obstructive)
when caring for pt w/ IV line, medication should be kept 18 to 20 inches above the level of the vein
disease that requre droplet precautions rubella, mumps, infuenza
protective or "reverse" isolation is required in which of the following burns ; leukemia
GI series has been requested on a pt w/ suspected perforated ulcer, the type of contrast medium should be water-soluble iodinated media (Gastroview)
Nitroglycerin is used to relieve pain from angina pectoris by dilating blood vessels
syncope pt to be put in which position dorsal recumbent w/ feet elevated
diameter of needle's lumen is gauge
pt recumbent postion w/ head lower than feet is Trendelenburg
normal average rate of respiration for healthy adult 12 to 20 breaths/min
a vasopressor and may be used for anaphylactic reaction or a cardiac arrest epinephrine
examples of means by which infectious microorganisms can be transmitted via indirect contact fomite, vector
proper hand washing technique avoid using hand lotions whenever possible
following instructions be given to pt after barium exam increase fluids & fiber for several days, change in stool color, if no bowel movement in 24 hrs call md
after meals pc
symptoms of inadequate oxygen supply include dyspnea, cyanosis, retraction of intercostal spaces
a pt whose systolic blood pressure is consistently greater than 140mmHg is hypertensive
double contrast BE essential for demonstration of the condition polyps, colitis
subjective data is pt states that she experiences extreme pain in the upright position
symptoms of impending diabetic coma include increased urination, sweet-smelling breath, extreme thirst
diseases that require contact precautions include MRSA, C-diff (Clostridim difficile)
symptoms of shock pallor & weakness, increased pulse
increased pain threshold, breakdown of skin, & atrophy of fat pads & sweat glands are all important considerations when working w/ which group of pts geriatric pts
practice to retard growth of pathogenic bacteria antisepsis
prep for UGI NPO 8 hrs before exam
normal creatinine 0.6 to 1.5 mg/100mL
equipment to determine blood pressure stethoscope, sphygmomanometer
diseases transmitted by air TB, mumps, rubella
small container holding several doses of medication is a vial
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