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Fundamentals Draft 1

Fundamentals of Drafting Glossary Test 1 (2011)

Screw thread form. acme
Radial distance from pitch circle to top of gear tooth. addendum
Minimum clearance between mating parts. allowance
Two or more metals in combination, usually a fine metal with a baser metal. alloy
A lightweight but relatively strong metal. Often alloyed with copper to increase hardness and strength. alluminum
To heat and cool gradually, to reduce brittleness and increase ductility. anneal
To weld by electric arc. The work is usually the positive terminal. arc weld
A soft alloy for bearings, mostly of tin with small amounts of copper and antimony. babbitt
A supporting member for a rotating shaft. bearing
Special set screw or cap screw with hexagon socket in head. allen wrench
Created by: JCJC DDT