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mibms week 2

week 2 of ms

nuclear medicine medical specialty that studies use of radioactive substances in Dx of disease
M.R.I (magnetic resonance imaging) a non-invasive x-ray technique using cross-sectional images of body structures
radioisotope substance that gives off high energy particles of rays as it disintegrates
roentgenology study of x-rays radiology
myelogram x-ray image of spinal cord
adduction movement towards the midline
supine lying on the back
radiopaque obstructing the passage of x-ray
pyelogram x-ray of renal pelvis/urinary tract
angiogram x-ray of blood vessels & heart chambers via contrast injected through catheter into heart or vessels
radiolucent substance that allows x-ray to be seen permitting the passage of x-rays
radiopharmaceutical radioactive drug with chemical injected for diagnostic purpose
fluoroscopy x-ray technique that produces fluorescent image on image transfers
is/o the same
therapeut/0 treatment
therapeutic refers to treatment
-graphy process of recording
-opaque obscure
hysterosalpingogram an x-ray of the uterus & fallopian tubes
lateral decubitis lying on side with x-ray horizontally positioned
ultrasonography ultrasound test done with high frequency sound waves (bounce of body tissue & records)
muscular dystrophy inherited disease with progressive muscle weakeness & degeneration of muscle fibers
osteoarthritis progressive degenerative joint disease
dislocation displacement of bone from joint
hallux valgus aka bunion...foot & big toe deformity
what best describes an M.R.I? sagittal,frontal,and cross sectional images using magnetic & radio waves
strain an injury as a result of overuse of stretching muscles beyond their functional capacity
lyme disease is caused by? tick carrying bacteria & is characterized by symptoms of arthritis, malasie, myalgia, neurological & cardiovascular signs
scoliosis a lateral curve of the spine
fibromyalgia a painful debilitating syndrome that causes chronic pain in the muscles & soft tissues surrounding the joints
osteoarthritis can best be descirbed as a chronic progressive inflammatory disease of bones, joints & with cartilage degeneration
atrophy a wasting away or degeneration of muscles
the radiology oncology section of the CPT manuel is divided into subsections based on type of service
adhesive capsulitis(frozen shoulder) happens when onset of stiff and painful shoulder after an injury or period of disease
is a fracture the same as a broken bone yes
there are how many bones in the adult skeleton 206
the complete skeleton is usually formed by the 3rd month of gestation
muscles are put into 2 categories & they are voluntary(vita)& involuntary(in vito)
cholangiography an x-ray of bile ducts using contrast media
ultrasound the application of ultrasonic waves for diagnostic imaging of internal body structures
angiography x-ray of blood vessels following injection of radiopaque substances
computerized tomography can also be called CT/CAT scan
ultrasonography uses what to diagnose diseases echo of high frequency sound waves
What uses magnetic fields & radio waves to form image soft the body M.R.I
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