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You are told to overfill a 4 oz bottle by 10%. How many extra milliliters will you add to the bottle (1oz = 30ml)? 12ml
Using a calculator, how is a fraction converted to a decimal? divide the numerator by the denominator
A vial of Rocephin has 500mg/3.4ml. The doctor wants a 125 mg dose for a patient. How many milliliters should be drawn into a syringe? 0.85ml
Convert 3/8 to a percent. 37.50%
What is the term for the numerical representation of the relationship of one part to a whole? ratio
Convert 7.6% to a decimal. 0.076
Which is the weakest strength of hydrocortisone cream: 1%, 0.75%, 2.5%, 0.5%? 0.50%
A physician orders gentamicin 425mg in 100ml of D5W to be given over 1 hour. If the stock gentamicin is 80mg/2ml, how many ml must be added to the 100ml bag of D5W? 10.6ml
Which solution is equivalent to a 1:10 dextrose solution? 10% dextrose
Write the ratio 1:2 as a fraction. 1/2
Write the following ratio as a fraction in lowest terms: 10:12 5/6
Reduce the following fraction to lowest terms and write it as a ratio: 20/5 4:1
Write the following ratio as a percent: 1:1000 0.1%
Write the following percent as a ratio: 75% 3:4
What does the ratio for epinephrine 1:10,000 represent in terms of concentration of drug in the solution? 1 g of epinephrine in 10,000 L of the final solution
Write the following ratio as a fraction in lowest terms: 8:4 2/1 = 2
Write the following decimal as a percent: 0.025 2.5%
What are the three rules for using the ratio-proportion method? 1. three of the four amounts must be known 2. the numerators must have the same unit of measure 3. the denominators must have the same unit of measure
Solve the following ratio: 8:9 = x:72 x = 64
What is a ratio? a numerical representation between one part of the whole and the whole or between two parts of the whole
What is a proportion? an expression of equality between two ratios
What is the ratio proportion method? a conversion method based on comparing a complete ratio to a ratio with a missing component
What is a percent? the number of parts per 100 that can be written as a fraction, a decimal, or a ratio
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