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ante cibum, a.c. before food
ante meridiem, a.m. morning
aqua, aq water
aqua destillata, aq. dest. distilled water
aurio dextra, a.d. right ear
aurio laeva, a.l. left ear
aurio sinister, a.s. left ear
aures utrae, a.u. each ear
bis in die, b.i.d. twice daily
capula, cap capsule
cum, c (with line over) with
dies, d day
dilue, dil. dilute
dispensa, disp. dispense
e.m.p. as directed
equalis partis, eq. pts. equal parts
ex aq. in water
fac, fiat, fiant, f., ft. make, let be
gramma, Gm, g gram
granum, gr grain
gutta, g.t.t. drop
hora, h hour
hora somni, h.s. at bedtime
liquor, liq. a liquor, solution
misce, M, mixm mixtura, mixt. a mixture
more dictor, m. dict. as directed
nocturnal, noc. at night
no per os, n.p.o. nothing by mouth
non repatur, non. rep. no refills
numerus, no. number
octarius, O, Oct. a pint
oculus dexter, o.d. right eye
oculus sinister, o.s. left eye
oculus uterque, o.u. each eye
per for, through, by
per diem by the day
post cibos, p.c. after meals
post meridiem, p.m. afternoon
per os, p.o. by mouth
pro re nata, p.r.n. as needed
pulvis, pulv. a powder
quaque ante meridiem, q.a.m. every morning
quam volueris, q.v. as much as wanted
quantum sufficiat, q.s. sufficient quantity
quater in die, q.i.d. four times a day
quiaque die, q.d. every day
quiaque hora, q.h. every hour
quoque alternis die, q.a.d., qod every other day
quaque 4 hora, q4h every 4 hours
quaque 6 hora, q6h every 6 hours
quaque 1 die, q1d every day
repetatus, rep. let it be repeated
semis, ss one half
semel in die, s.i.d. once a day
signa, Sig., S. write on the label (patient instructions)
sine, s without
si opus sit, s.i.d. if there is need
solutio, sol. solution
statim, stat at once, immediately
suppositorium, supp. suppository
syrupus, syr. syrup
tabella, tab. tablet
ter in die, t.i.d. three times a day
unguentum, eng, ointment
ut dictum, ut. dict. as directed
S.L. sublingually
per neb by nebulizer
top. topically, locally
p.r. rectally
p.v. vaginally
i.m., IM intramuscular
i.v., IV intravenous
i.v.p., IVP intravenous push
IVPB intravenous piggyback
SC, subc, subq, SQ subcutaneously
cap capsule
SR, XR, XL slow/extended release
susp suspension
liq liquid
crm cream
ung., oint ointment
ss half
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