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What is the name for the system of blood vessels that carries blood through the body? cardiovascular system
Which system consists of glands that secrete hormones? the endocrine system
What is the system of organs that is involved in digestion and absorption of nutrients called? the gastrointestinal (GI) tract
What system is the body's first line of defense that acts as a barrier against disease? the integumentary system
Which system is the center of the immune system? the lymphatic system
Which system provides shape and movement to the body? the muscular system
Which system is the body's system of communication? the nervous system
Which system provides support and protection for the organs? the skeletal system
Which system brings oxygen into the body and expels carbon dioxide? the respiratory system
Which organ filters unwanted substances from the blood and produces urine? the kidney
What organ helps maintain equilibrium? the ear
What is drug classification? the grouping of drugs that have common properties
What is hypertension? high blood pressure
What is fibromyalgia? chronic pain in the muscles
What is encephalitis? inflammation of the brain
What is mastitis? inflammation of the breast
What is cardiomyopathy? a disease of the heart muscle
What is arthritis? inflammation of the joints
What is hyperglycemia? high blood sugar
What is anorexia? loss of appetite
What is colitis? inflamed or irritable colon
What is hepatitis? inflammation of the liver from various causes
What is gastritis? inflammation of the stomach
What is dysuria? painful urination
What does subcutaneous mean? beneath the skin
What does transdermal mean? through the skin
What is a hematoma? a collection of blood, often clotted
What is hemophilia? a disease in which the blood does not clot normally
What is lymphoma? a cancer of the lymphatic system
What is anuria? inability to produce urine
What is tendinitis? inflammation of a tendon
What is neuralgia? severe pain in a nerve
What is onchomycosis? a fungal infection of the nails
What is endometriosis? an abnormal growth of uteral tissue within the pelvis
What is a vasectomy? the removal of a section of the vas deferens
What is a prostatolith? a prostate stone
What is bronchitis? inflammation of the brochial membranes
What does pulmonary mean? of or pertaining to the lungs
What is cystitis? inflammation of the bladder
What is tympanitis? inflammation of the ear drum
what is blepharitis? inflammation of the eyelids
What are lymphocytes? white blood cells that help defend against bacteria and diseased cells
What is the conjunctiva? this is a blood-rich membrane between the eye and the eyelid
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