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For Mrs. Waler's world geography class.

How do you spell it? Plagiarism
What is it? It is when you use someone elses ideas or words and you don't use a proper citation.
"A member of the Episcopal community will not ______" Lie, cheat, or steal.
What is a lie of omission? When you tell a story but don't tell certain parts of it. You're omitting part of the story!
What is the difference between summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting? Summarizing is all your own words and ideas. Paraphrasing is their ideas and your words, a citation is needed. Quotes are their ideas and words, a citation is needed aswell.
Which assignments require the honor pledge? Tests, quizzes, papers, and projects.
What does the honor pledge say? I pledge my honor as a student that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment.
What is common knowledge? This does vary... How many states are there in the US? Who was the first president? How many wheels on a car? Common knowledge is basically when it is commonly known by the people in the world. You don't have to read books or research to find that information. It's what everyone should know already.
Steps to avoid plagiarism? 1. Complete research and note-taking and write down sources. 2. Put all research away. 3. Write! (grow into rough draft) 4. Add supporting quotes and supporting information. (Quotations and citations) 5. Submit it to turnitin.com
Created by: abbypham9301