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WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF JOINT OPERATION PLANNING? VOL III 401 Joint Operation Planning is sequential process performed similtanously at the stratagic, operational and tactical levals of war.
what groups participates in the planning process and consists of the commands and agencies involved in the training, preparation, movement, employment, support, and sustainment of forces in a theater of operations? VOL III 401 Joint planning and Execution Community
What offices provide the ultimate decision on the national policy and overall strategic direction of the us armed forces? VOL III 401 President and the Secretary of Defense
Who develops national security strategy? VOL III 401 National Security Council NSC
Whar document provides the strategic direction required to coordinate the planning efforts of the combatant commanders? VOL III 401 Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan JSCP
What planning process is used when time is not a critical factor? VOL III 401 Contingency Planning
Who are the players in a planning process? VOL III 401 SecDef, thier advisors, supporting executive-level agencies, and a group called the joint planning and execution cumminity (JPEC)
What are the full range of activities required for conduction joint operations planning? VOL III 401 Deployment, employment, sustainment, redeployment Mobilization,Deployment Mobilization,sustainment, redeployment Deployment, employment, sustainment,
What is the responsibility of the combatant commanders in close coordination with the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM)? VOL III 401 Deployment Planning Mobilization,Deployment Mobilization employment
What does Employment Planning prescribes? VOL III 401 How to apply force to attain specified military objectives.
What does the combatant commander through their component command develop? VOL III 401 Employment planning concepts
What is directed toward providing and maintaining levels of personnel, materiel, and consumables required to sustain the planned type of combat activity for the apprpriate duration and at the desired level of intensity? VOL III 401 Sustainment Planning Mobilization,Deployment Deployment Planning Contingency Planning
Name the three phases of brainstorming Generation / clarification/ evaluation
Describer the Generation phase of Brainstorming 1. Clearly state the topic and write it down. 2. all members silently generate some ideas. 3. Record all ideas w/ each person presenting one idea at a time continue this phase untill all ideas have been echausted.
Describe the Clarification phase of brainstorming. 1give group enough time to review each idea. 2. eliminate duplications 3. clarify ideas 4. write down additional ideas that are generated
Describe the evaluation phase of brainstorming. Review and discuss the list of eliminate idea that irrelevant to the topic
Name the three types of Brainstorming Structured/ Free-form / silent
what is the advantages of structured brainstorming? Everyone has an equal chance to participate
what is the advantages of free-form brainstorming Spontaneous, creative, relaxed, atmosphere, easy to build on others ideas
What is the advantages of silent Brainstorming Ideas can be more sensitive, provides anonymity, can be used in large groups
What is the disadvantages of structured Brainstorming Loss of spontaneity, fewer ideas maybe generated
what is the disadvantages of free-form brainstorming? Can be dominated by strong individuals, spontaneity can cause loss of ideas
what is the disadvantages of silent brainstorming Loss of group effort and building on ideas, time consuming, difficult to clarify ideas
When using brainstorming techniques, what should be emphasis be on? quanity, not quality
Which form of brain storming encouraged everyone to contribute ideas as they come to mind free forming
which type of brain storming is more effective when used in combination with other brainstorming techniques silent brainstorming
Which type of brainstorming techniques allows everyone to have an equal chance to participate Structured Brainstorming
Allocates manpower resources to MAJCOMS, field operating agencies, snd DRUs is a funtinal responsibility of who? HA USAF/A1M, directorate of manpower and organization
Who provides the framework for establishing national security strategy and policy decisisions for implementation by the president in his role of commander of chief? VOL III 401 National Security Council NSC Joint Strategic Capabilities National Security Council NSC and President President and the Secretary of Defense
What is Mobilization? VOL III 401 Primarily the responsability of the services, the planning is directed toward assembling and organizing national resources to support national objectives in times of war and for military operations other than war (MOOTW)
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