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WG vocab.

Define culture. a way of life of a group of people who share traditions, interests, beliefs, and a way of making a living.
Define subsistence farming. to produce just enough to eat for a family or a village to survive.
Define commercial farming. farming organized as a business.
Define population distribution. where people live in a country, continent, or the world.
Define population density. average number of people per square mile.
Define cultural hearth. a center where cultures developed and from which ideas and traditions spread.
Define cultural diffusion. the spread of culture from one to another.
Define government. a nations political system.
Define standard of living. a measure of peoples quality of life.
Define economic system. the way in which the people of a country produce and distribute goods and services.
Define per capita income. the total income of a country divided by the population.
Define free enterprise. economic system in which private business operate with little interference from government.
Define capitalism. economic system based on free enterprise individuals own and use capital.
Define socialism. political philosophy that refers to government ownership of some or all means of production.
Define civilization a culture that has organized a social, political, and economic system.
whats communism? the state makes all the economic decisions and owns all means of production.
whats socialism? the state runs basic industries.
What is communism also called? Planned economies.
what are types of socialism? transportation communication and banking.
what is socialism also called? mixed economy and welfare state.
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