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Chapter 3 Ind Psych

Legal Issues in Employee Selection

employment practice that results in members of protected class being negatively affected at higher rate than members of majority class adverse impact
adverse impact is usually determined by four-fifths rule
process of ensuring proportional representation of employees based on variables such as race and sex affirmative action
intentional recruitment of minority applicants, identification & removal of employment practices working against minority applicants & employees, & preferential hiring & promotion of minorities affirmative action strategies
federal law that, with its amendments, forbids discrimination against an individual who is over the age of 40 Age Discrimination in Employment Act
federal law, passed in 1990, that forbids discrimination against the physically and mentally disabled Americans with Disabilities Act
method of resolving conflicts in which a neutral third party is asked to choose which side is correct arbitration
method of resolving conflicts in which a neutral third party is asked to choose which side is correct and in which neither party is allowed to appeal the decision binding arbitration
selection requirement that is necessary for the performance of job-related duties and for which there is no substitute bona fide occupational qualification
interpretation of a law by a court through a verdict in a trial, setting precedent for subsequent court decisions case law
branch of the Department of Labor charged with investigating and prosecuting complaints of employment discrimination Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
when selection ratio for 1 group is less than 80% of selection ratio for another group, adverse impact is said to exist four-fifths rule
amendment to the U.S. Constitution that mandates that no state may deny a person equal protection under the law 14th amendment
amendment to the U.S. Constitution that protects against unreasonable search or seizure; the amendment has been ruled to cover such privacy issues as drug testing, locker and office searches, psychological testing, and electronic surveillance 4th amendment
process in which an employee files complaint with organization & person/committee within organization makes decision regarding complaint grievance system
type of harassment characterized by pattern of unwanted conduct related to gender that interferes with an individual’s work performance hostile environment
extent to which a test or measure taps a knowledge, skill, ability, behavior, or other characteristic needed to successfully perform a job job related
method of resolving conflict in which a neutral third party is asked to help the two parties reach an agreement mediation
method of resolving conflicts in which a neutral third party is asked to choose which side is correct but in which either party may appeal the decision nonbinding arbitration
1978 federal law protecting the rights of pregnant women Pregnancy Discrimination Act
any group of people for whom protective legislation has been passed protected class
percentage of people in a given geographic area who have the qualifications (skills, education, and so forth) to perform a certain job qualified workforce
type of sexual harassment in which the granting of sexual favors is tied to an employment decision quid pro quo
according to Congress; African American, European American, Asian American, and Native American Indian race
1974 federal law that mandates that federal government contractors/subcontractors take affirmative action to employ & promote Vietnam-era veteran Vietnam-Era Veterans Readjustment Act
federal act passed in 1973 that prohibits federal government contractors/subcontractors from discriminating against physically or mentally handicapped Vocational Rehabilitation Act
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