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Study PTCB

PTCB studyfrom quizlet

If you have 25% dextrose and 10% dextrose, how many ml of each would you need to make 1000ml of a 20% solution? 667ml of 25% and 333ml of 10%
An IV has been ordered to run at 2.5gtts/min. The IV contains 875mg of Amoxicillin in a total of 250ml. How many mg of Amoxicillin will be given to the patient per hour if the IV is set to deliver 15gtts/ml? 35mg/hr
What is the term for the process by which substances are taken up and transported to the bloodstream? Absorption
If a prescription calls for 375mg of penicillin per day for 10 days how much of a 250mg/5ml suspension should be dispensed? 75ml
The expiration date on a bottle of Vicodin is 5/99. When does this drug expire? 5/31/99
What is the sig code for every night at bedtime? qhs
The directions for a medication read, "i-ii gtts as q 4 h x 10 days". What is the meaning of "as"? left ear
The doctor prescribes Robitussin AC, one pint. How many mls are needed for one pint? 480ml
A prescription reads "ii gtts au qid." What auxillary label should be affixed to the container? for the ear
Pseudoephidrine is contrandicated with which of the following? high blood pressure
If the dose for Quaifenesin is 2.5ml, how many doses will a patient receive if given a 12 ounce bottle? 144
What does enteric coated mean? special coating to prevent dissolution is stomach
The dose of Penicillin V for a 7 year old is 35mg/kg/day, divided into doses every 6 hours. How many mg/day should a 60lb child receive? 954mg/day
How many 1 ounce bottles of Cheratussin can be made from a 3 liter container of Cheratussin? 100
A phamacy receives a Cardinal Invoice reading "$6,000, net 30." Under those payment terms the pharmacy will be charged... No interest if paid in full within 30 days
Phenytoin, Carbamazepine and Phenobarbital are all ____________. anticonvulsants that may be used to treat generalized seisures.
Formula for testing DEA #'s authenticity. 1st+3rd+5th numbers= A 2nd+4th+6th #'s x2=B the add together A+B. Thelast numbershould be the last number of the DEA number.
Isoptin, Cardizem and Vascor are all _________________. (class) examples of Calcium Channel Blockers
If you pay $35 for Verapamil and the selling price is $50, what is the markup for the drug? $15.00
If you pay $35 for Verapamil and the selling price is $50, what is the percentage markup based on cost? 43%
If you pay $35 for Verapamil and the selling price is $50, what is the percent gross profit? 30%
The initial dose of Rebif is 0.7mg/kg/hr for 12 hours. How many ml of Rebif IV solution containing 400mg/ml would be needed for an adult male weighing 154lbs during this 12 hour period? 147ml
Some rules pertaining to Nitroglycerin tablets are as follows... needs to be stored at room temperature, sublingual tablets need to be dispensed in original glass containers and must be replaced after 6 months of opening.
The appearance of crystals in a mannitol injection would indicate that the product ___________. was exposed to excessive cold.
Antacids, milk and Tetracycline can all __________________. interfere with the absorption of iron.
Pseudoephedrine is classifed as a ____________. decongestant
66lbs is equal to __kg. 30
Insulin should be stored _____________. in the refrigerator.
In what ratio should 50% alcohol be mixed with 10% alcohol to obtain a 30% alcohol solution? 1:1
If a vial of heparin contains 20,000U/ml, how many ml are needed for a 12,500U dose? 0.625ml
Accutane, Premarin and Proventil do not require a PPI each time they're dispensed.
Which drug is used to prevent pregnant women with HIV from passing the virus to their babies? Zidovudine
How many ounces would you be dispensing for a prescription requiring 180ml? 6
A _____________ drug recall indicates that the product will cause serious adverse health conditions or death. class I
Storage requirements after reconstitution for ceclor 125mg5ml. 2
A product's NDC number is grouped into three sections. The first five digits identify... drug manufacturer
The preferred method for treating flu and fever in children is ____________. acetaminophen
After turning off the laminar flow hood, how long must it be turned back on before use? 30 minutes.
Amiloride, Spironolactone and Triamterene are all _______________. potassium sparing diuretics.
if a D5W/.45% NS 1000ml solution is administered over 6 hours, how many ml/hr would you need to set the flow rate for? 167ml/hr
The study of the rates at which drugs and their metabolites are absorbed into, distributed through and eliminated from the body. Pharmacokinetics
1 grain is equal to ___ mg. 65
A patient weighing 110lbs is ordered to recieve 5mcg/kg/min of an iv solution containing 600mg in 250ml D5W. The IV dose rate is ________. 0.25mg/min
A drug is available in a concentration of 50mg/10ml. How many ml are needed for a 3mg dose. 0.6ml
A major source of contamination in a clean room is ___________. the people in the room.
A compound prescription requires using 10 Tetracycline capsules which cost $25 per 50 capsules and 100 gr of Triamcinolone ointment which costs $9 per pound. If there is a $4 dispensing fee what would the total cost be for this prescription? $10.89
What is the appropriate size HEPA filter used in a laminar flow hood? 22 micron
An acetaminophen elixer is available in a 0.05mg/ml concentration. How many mls are needed for a 0.125mg dose? 2.5ml
How much 90% alcohol must be mixed with 10% alcohol to make 473ml of a 40% alcohol solution? 177ml of 90% and 296ml of 10%
Heparin 25,000U in 250 ml D5W is running through an administration set delivering 60gtts/ml. What is the flow rate required to deliver 15U/min? 9gtts/min
A common side effect of diuretic therapy is _____________. loss of potassium
A side effect of polonged use of a topical decongestant could be ___________________. rebound congestion.
If 15g of a 1% Hydrocortisone ointment is combined with 30g of a 2.5% Hydrocortisone ointment, what is the resulting percentage strength of the final product? 2%
How much water should be added 95% ethanol to make 1 liter of a 30% ethanol solution? 685ml
A doctor orders 125mg/5ml Dilantin suspension to replace an order that reads "Dilantin 100mg, dispense #30, SIG: i tid." What quantity of the suspension should be dispensed? 120ml
How many tablets containing 250mg of Penicillin are needed to make 150ml suspension containing 100mg/ml? 60
A prescription for Coumadin 7.5mg reads "ii ts po bid x 3 days, ii ts po qd x 3 days, i t po qd x 2 days" How many tablets should be dispensed? 20
The process that moves a drug from the bloodstream to the area where it will exert its pharmacological effect is called what? Distribution
When cleaning a laminar flow hood, this is the method that should be used. Side to side from back to front.
Bumex, Dyazide and Lasix are classifed as _____________. diuretics.
When preparing an IV solution is a laminar flow hood the technician should work at least this distance within the hood. at least 6 inches
Codeine, Percocet and Demerol are all classified as what? narcotic analgesics
Destromethorphan is classified as what? Antitussive
This is the process of reducing solids into fine particles by rubbing them with a mortar and pestle. It is used to reduce the size of particles and to blend powders. Trituration
Lanoxin would be classified into which category? Antiarrythmic
If a pharmacist asks a technician to repack bulk solid dosage forms into unit dose packs, what expiration date should appear on the label? 50% of original up to 1 year
What dosage form is designed to dissolve in the intestines rather than the stomach? enteric coated tablets
Phenergan suppositores should be stored where? refrigerator
When a vitamin is water soluble it means ______. it will not accumulate in the body.
Calcium Carbonate is classified as a/an ____________. antacid
Therapeutic equivalance means drugs are ________________________. categorized in same therapeutic class and produce the same therapeutic effect
When cleaning a laminar flow hood which solution should be used? isopropyl alcohol.
If the doctor ordered 100mg Dilantin qid, what's the total daily dose the patient will receive? 400mg
Alpha and beta blockers and diuretics are all used to treat what? hypertension
What classification best describes Fenoprofen, Ketoprofen and Ibuprofen? NSAID
Regulates drug quality. FDA
Codiene and Oxycodone are both classified as _______________ drugs. Shedule II
The SIG code PRN means what? as needed
Suprax suspension is available in 75mg/5ml. If a prescription calls for 300mg of Suprax, how many mls need to be dispensed? 20ml
If a blood pressure monitor was found to cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences which type of recall would this be classified as? Class II
The directions for use of Hyoscamine read "i-ii sl prn" what does "sl" mean? sublingually
If Procrit is available in a concentration, how many mls are needed for a 50mcg dose? 0.5ml
Biaxin, Cefzil and Zithromax are all classified as what? antibiotics
A drug that induces insensibility and relieves pain but is also addicting would be what? Narcotic
Grain gr
What medication may be given to induce vomiting? ipecac syrup
An agent that promotes the discharge of mucus from the respiratory tract is called what? Expectorant
Astemizole, Fexofenadine and Loratidine would all fit into this classification. Antihistamine
age in years/ (age in years + 12) x adult dose= childs dose Young's Rule for Child's Dosing
weight/150 x adult dose = childs dose Clark's Rule for Child's Dosing
The movement of particles in a solution through permeaable membranes is called what? dialysis
Why is Heparin used in a herarin lock? keep blood from clotting in the device
_________ discovered penicillin could kill some bacteria. Fleming
This defined what drugs require a prescription. 1951 Durham Humphrey
This prohibited interstate commerce in adulterated and misbranded food, drinks and drugs. Food and Drug Act of 1906
This came into effect because of fatal poisoning from liquid sulfanilamide, it required new drugs to be shown to be safe before marketing. 1938 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act
The DEA is located within this branch of the US Government. Justice Department
The manufacturer must follow _________ requirements to be able to market their drug without FDA new drug approval. monograph
Responsible for pharmacist licensing in each state. state board of Pharmacy.
During clinical trials a propsed drug is called what? IND (Investigational New Drug)
This requires drug manufacturers to provide proof of safety and efficacy. Kefauver Harris
An example of a trade journal would be this. Pharmacy Times
This is an encyclopedic source of chemical substance data. The Merck Index
This is the most comprehensive text covering pharmaceutical sciences. Remington, The Sceince and Practice of Pharmacy
The drug manufacturer assigns this to each drug it produces. NDC
This provides comprehensive and timely drug information about prescriptions and OTC products. Drug Facts and Comparisons
This is published by the ASHP (American Society of Health systems Pharmacists). Model Curriculum for Pharmacy Technician Traning
This provides national recognized AWP's and NDC's for FDA approved drugs. The Red Book
__________ literature contains condensed works based on primary literature such as textbooks and monographs. Tertiary
HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act contains regulations related to what? Protected Health Information (PHI)
both ears au
both eyes ou
left ear as
right ear ad
left eye os
right eye od
In managed care, care is managed by who? insurer
CPhTs need _____ of continuing education ever ____ years to renew certification. 20 hours, 2 years
This protects against illegal copying of new discoveries. patenting
The death of cells is referred to as what? Necrosis
This is the blood concentration needed to produce a response. minimum effective concentration
the stomach's pH is around ____. 1
This type of reaction can occur the first time a drug is given to a patient. Idosyncratic
This can occur when two drugs with similar pharmacological effects produce greater effects when taken together. Synergism
This can occur when two drugs with similar pharmacological actions reults in an effect equal to the sum of their individual effects. Additive effects
Children between the ages of 1 and 12 metabolize certain drugs more _________ than adults. rapidly
This protects people from unsanitary and poorly labled food. Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
This calls for classification, safety and efficacy of medical devices. Medical Device Amendment of 1976
Passed for drugs that treat diseases that affect very few people to help with tax relief and other incentives for manufactures to develp and market such drugs. Orphan Drug Act of 1983
What are the two main parts of a syringe? barrel and plunger
To maintain sterility these parts of the syringe should not be touched. tip and plunger
What are the two main parts of a needle? bevel and hub
This is the part of the needle that connects to the syringe. hub
What kind of compounds liquefy when they're brought together? eutectic
Medication carts commonly provide how many hours of medication for specific patients? 24
A patient is taking three 100mg capsules of phenytoin (Dilantin) each day. How much Phenytoin would the patient take in 20 days? 6000mg
Verapamil is classified as what? Calcium Channel blocker
What is a medication type used to relieve a dry hacking cough called? Expectorant
After reconstituion, Ceclor 123mg/5ml should be __________. refrigerated
Intraocular, intranasal and vaginal are all examples of what? parenteral routes
The amount of a drug that is available to the site of action and the rate at which it is available is known as what? bioavailability
The rate at which the solution is administered to the patient. flow rate
The slow continuous introduction of a solution into the blood stream. infusion
A small volume solution added to an LVP (Large volume parenteral) piggyback
Wearing a gown, wearing gloves and swabbing the vial with alcohol are all examples of what? proper aseptic techniques
This type of drug has no accepted medical use in the United States. Schedule I
According to federal law, in the event of suspected theft of a Shedule II medication the pharmacy is required to notify who? DEA and State Board of Pharmacy
This should be avoided in patients who are allergic to Cefaclor (Ceclor). Cephalexin (Keflex)
This should be recommended by the pharmacist to treat simple headache in patients who are taking naproxen for inflammation. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
The area of the hospital responsible for distributing supplies to all areas of the facility is called what? central supply or materials management
Stock such as large volume parenterals stored on a nursing unit that does not require specific labeling is called what? floor stock
Consists of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health care professionals whose responsibilites inclue reviewing medications for the formulary and providing guidlines for medication use throughout the institution. Pharmacy and Therapuetics Committee
A sudden condition requiring immediate treatment is called a/an ______ condition. acute
kg x 2.2 = lb or lb/2.2 = kg weight conversion
This includes state identification numbers and affiliations with facilities and insurers. prescriber profile
The pharmacuetical manufacturing industry devotes about ___ of its income to research and development. 1/6
The length of time from the beginning of development of a new drug to FDA approval is often more than __ years. 10 yrs
An authoritive listing of drugs and issues related to their use is called what? pharmacopeia
The Egyptian God of Medicine Imhotep
The ancient Greek Goddess of Medicinal Herbs. Panacea
Who provides inventory management systems to their customers as part of their service? Wholesalers
Identified the structures of DNA. Watson and Crick
Substances produced by the body to regulated bodily functions and processes. Hormones
How many phases of testing in humans does the FDA require? Three
The inactive substance given in place of a medication in clinical trials is called what? placebo
Two drugs that have the same active ingredients, same dossage form, same route of administration and same strength are said to be what? Pharmacuetically equivalent
_______ are listed in the weekly FDA Enforcement Report. Recalls
Literature that contains general reference works based upon primary literature. Secondary
Last set of numbers in the NDC indicate what? package size
Second set of numbers in the NDC indicate what? drug
A complex protein that catalyzes chemical reactions into other substances. enzyme
The placebo effect is called a ______ variable. psychological
This is the pH of an alkaline substance. 7
Nothing must interupt the flow of air between the ___________. HEPA filter and a sterile object.
after meals pc
add sufficient quanity qsad
drop gtt
micrograms mcg
dextrose 5% water D5W
elixir elix
normal saline NS
ointment UNG
around the clock ATC
1/2, one half
every morning qam
every evening qpm
every hour qh
every day qd
antibiotics oxacin
local anesthetics caine
penicillins cillin
antipsychotics peridol
antihyperlipidemics vastatin
steroids olone
diuretics thiazide
tranquilizers bamate
This required that all manufacturers, importers and physicians prescribing narcotics be licensed and taxed. Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914
Requires pharmacists to offer counseling to Medicaid patients. OBRA (1990 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)
Drugs that require a prescription are referred to as ______ drugs. legend
This is the FDA reporting service for adverse effects that occur from use of approved drugs. MedWatch
Red blood cells that trasport oxygen from the lungs to the body and carbon dioxidefrom the cells to the lungs. Erthrocytes
White blood cells that fight bacterial infections by producing antibodies. Leukocytes
liver hepa
blood hemat
muscle myo
increase osis
inflammation itis
pain algia
tumor oma
skin derma
breast mast
stomach gastr
nerve neur
kidney neph, ren
bladder cyst
lung pulmon, pneum
condition of osis
pertaining to ary
chest pect, pector
around para
nose nas
high hyper
low hypo
eye ocul, ophthalm
ear otic, ot
fungal infection mycosis
study of ology
eyelid blephar
equal iso
beyond, after, changing meta
disease pathy
relieves heart pain antianginal
dissolves or prevents blood clots anticoagulant
relieves intestinal cramping antispasmodic
prevents nausea and vomiting antiemetic
prevents and relieves itching antipruritic
lowers high cholesterol levels antihyperlipidemic
destroys hard skin layers such as warts keratolytics
changes mental state pyschotropic
Insulins, estrogens and thyroid medications are all examples of this drug classification. hormones and modifiers
Antihistamines, decongestants, antitussives and bronchodilators are all classifications of drugs used to treat disorders related to this system of the body. Respitory
Sedatives are drugs that are intended to relax and calm. Antianxiety medications such as diazepam and chlordazepoxide are included in this group. Benzodiazepines
A decrease in hemoglobin or red blood cells. Hematopoietics are drugs that would be used to treat this condition. anemia
ACE inhibitors pril drugs (i.e Verapamil, Quinapril, Lisinopril)
Classification of drugs that act to increase blood pressure. vasopressors
albuterol hfa inhalers proventil and/or proair
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