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India Geography Revi

10-11 Corson/Morgan Test Review for India Geography

What lies between the Himalayas and Southern India, and includes the Ganges and Indus River valleys? Northern Plains
What country is the Ganges River delta mostly in? Bangladesh
TRUE or FALSE Very few people die from snake bites in India. False
Sometimes the monsoons bring too much rain, resulting in severe floods
The eatern mountain range that seperates the subcontinent from the rest of Asia is called the Himalayas
TRUE or FALSE In India, there are areas where you may not kill snakes True
What is a large landmass that is part of a continent but is geographically separate from it? Subcontinent
What river empties into the Bay of Bengal? Ganges River
TRUE or FALSE Mt. Everst is almost five and a half miles high. True
Wht connects Pakistan and Afghanistan? Khyber Pass
TRUE or FALSE The population of India is 1 million False
The Maldives is a group of islands, which is known as ... an Archipelago
The South Asian subcontinent includes the countries of India, Nepal,... Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
TRUE or FALSE The white rats in the Kami Mata Hindu Temple are considered good luck. True
Most of southern India is made up of the Deccan Plateau
What is the name of the minerals and debris that settle to the bottom of a river? Sediment
Because of the fertile soil, parts of the Northern Plains are... Heavily Populated
TRUE or FALSE Monsoons must arrive at the right time for crops to grow well True
What are seasonals winds that blow over the northern part of the Indian Ocean? Monsoons
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