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medical terrm


is part of the tooth that contains a rich supply of nerves and blood vessels. Periodontal membrane
Cheil/o means the same as: .Labi/o
The muscular wave-like movement to transport food through the digestive system is:... Peristalsis
Esophageal varices are Swollen, twisted veins
is a condition in which fats are improperly digested and appear in the feces. Steatorrhea  
A(n) _____ is a dental specialist in gums. Periodontist
is high blood levels of a pigment released by the liver with bile. .Hyperbilirubinemia
Telescoping of the intestine is known as Intussusception
A(n)______ is a new opening from the large bowel to the surface of the body. Jejunostomy  
An ulcer would most likely be detected by which of the following tests? Gastroscopy
Which refers to the common bile duct? Choledoch/o
Twisting of part of the intestine upon itself is known as Cecal volvulus
Esophageal atresia is a Esophagus does not open to the stomach at birth  
Pyloric stenosis Narrowing of the opening between the stomach and intestine
Which of the following is a new opening between two parts of the jejunum? jejunojejunostomy  
is a surgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdomen. Paracentesis
Difficult digestion dyspepsia
Vomiting blood hematemesis
Removal of the large bowel colectomy
Difficulty swallowing dysphagia
Diabetes insipidus is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT Glycosuria
Lithotripsy is a term to describe Shock waves crush urinary tract stones
Urine is held in the bladder Urinary retention
_______ means surrounding the urinary bladder Perivesical
Which of the following is an example of nitrogenous waste? Creatinine
 A renal abscess may lead to Pyuria
which of the following is a test that measures the amount of urea in the blood BUN
is characterized by a group of symptoms marked by edema, proteinuria, and hypoalbuminemia Nephrotic syndrome
is a portion of the urinary bladder. Trigone
Uremia can also be described as Azotemia
Which of the following suffixes means new opening stomy
Which of the following is an example of an electrolyte Sodium
Which combining form refers to the renal pelvis pyel/o
Sugar in the urine is referred to as glycosuria
Sugar in the urine; a symptom of diabetes mellitusglycosuria
Color of the urine is smoky red owing to presence of blood hematuria
Dark pigment accumulates in urine as a result of liver disease bilirubinuria
Leaky glomeruli can produce this accumulation of albumin in urine .proteinuria
Tube carrying urine from each kidney to the urinary bladder ureter
Microscopic tube in the kidney where urine is formed after filtration renal tubule
Tube leading from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body urethra
High blood pressure that is idiopathic .essential hypertension
High blood pressure that is idiopathic essential hypertension
Swelling, fluid in tissues edema
is a respiratory disorder in the neonate...Hyaline membrane disease The ovum is also known as the Female gamete
The study and treatment of newborns is called Neonatology
Endometrial carcinoma may be detected by D
Ms. Sally Ping has vaginal discharge, pain in the LLQ and RLQ, dysmenorrhea, and a gonococcal infection. A likely diagnosis is: Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
Leukorrhea is associated with which of the following conditions? Cervicitis
is a physician’s effort to turn the fetus during delivery Cephalic version
is a physician’s effort to turn the fetus during delivery Cephalic version
is part of the vulva Labia majora
Male castration would result from which of the following operations Bilateral orchiectomy
____ is the medical term meaning undescended testicles Cryptorchism
A spermolytic substance Destroys sperm cells
A gland below the bladder and surrounding the urethra is the Prostate
Treating tissue with cold temperatures is called Cryogenic surgery
_____ is a male sterilization procedure Vasectomy
Swollen twisted veins near the testes is known as
Which of the following is not an STD BPH
The medical term for the foreskin is the Prepuce
Tissue from the inner lining of the uterus is found in abnormal locations endometriosis
Malignant tumor that is localized and not invasive carcinoma in situ
Condition during pregnancy marked by hypertension proteinuria and edema
Widening the cervix and scraping the lining of the uterus dilation and curettage
Radical prostatectomy carcinoma of the prostate gland
Vasectomy sterilization (hormones remain)
Vasovasostomy reversal of sterilization
Bilateral orchiectomy seminoma
The double-layered membrane surrounding the heart is the pericardium
The contraction phase of the heartbeat is called systole
Which arrhythmia refers to rapid random
blood vessel that is patent is open
A local widening of an artery which may be life threatening is a/an aneurysm
The common name for ________ is a heart attack myocardial infarction
Phlebitis is a/an inflammation of a vein
The combining term "atri/o"” means atrium
Disease of heart muscle is known as: cardiomyopathy
A Holter monitor is an EKG taken during daily activity
The _______ is the saclike membrane surrounding the heart Pericardium
A local widening of an artery is known as a(n) Aneurysm
The _____ is the sensitive tissue in the right atrium wall that begins the heartbeat Sinoatrial node
The cause of essential hypertension is Idiopathic
The _______ includes four separate congenital heart defects Tetralogy of Fallot
blood vessels branching from aorta to carry oxygenrich blood to the heart muscle are Coronary arteries
Cardiac arrhythmia can also be known as Fibrillation
Ischemia All of the above
Cyanosis is Bluish coloration of the skin
A(n) ________ is an instrument to measure blood pressure Sphygmomanometer
Chest pain relieved with nitroglycerin Angina
largest artery in the body aorta
Valve between the left atrium and ventricle mitral valve
Brings blood to heart from upper parts of the body superior vena cava
Valve between the right atrium and ventricle tricuspid valve
Rapid but regular atrial or ventricular contractions flutter
Improper closure of the valve between the left atrium and ventricle during systole mitral valve prolapse
Blockage of the arteries surrounding the heart leading to ischemia coronary artery disease
Rapid random
Local widening of an artery aneurysm
Clots that travel to and suddenly block a blood vessel emboli
Lesions that form on heart valves after damage by infection vegetations
High blood pressure due to kidney disease secondary hypertension
________ is/are nasopharyngeal lymphatic tissue Adenoids
_______ is the spitting up of blood from the lungs Hemoptysis
The act of expelling material from the lungs is known as Expectoration
____ is a localized area of pus formation in the lungs Pulmonary abscess
The medical term for a condition of decreased oxygen in the blood is Hypoxemia
Pulmonary parenchyma consist of the Alveoli and bronchioles
Phren/o means Diaphragm
The tubes that bifurcate from the windpipe are the Bronchi
bronchial airway obstruction marked by paroxysmal dyspnea.wheezing.and cough Asthma
Which of the following is an endoscopic examination? Bronchoscopy
Sharp short blows to the surface of the chest is referred to as
Airway obstruction associated with emphysema and chronic bronchitis COPD
Diaphragm phren/o
Bronchial tube bronch/o
Smell osmia
Widening/expansion ectasis
Lung or portion of a lung is collapsed atelectasis
Type of pneumoconiosis; dust particles are inhaled asbestosis
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