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Psych 1: Exam and Dx

First Aid for Psych Clerkship, Chapter 1

Hospitalized pt complains of anxiety and agitation after being hospitalized for a week. Which substance should be ruled out b/f treatment? Nicotine and caffeine. May cause anxiety and agitation in hospitalized pts if they don't have access.
How do NSAIDs affect lithium concentration in the body? Possible exceptions? Increases [lithium] by decreasing its excretion from the body. Sulindac and aspirin.
Involuntary movements that occur during an altered state of consciousness; can range from purposeful to disorganized. Automatisms
Proverb interpretation is a test of which skill? Abstraction
Vocabulary definition is a test of which skill? Intelligence
Mood or affect? The pt's emotion as reported or conveyed by the pt Mood
Mood or affect? Examiner's assessment of pt's mood (quality, motility, and appropriateness) Affect
No logical connection from 1 thought to another Loosening of associations
Which delusion am I? Belief that one has special powers or is someone important (e.g., God) Grandeur
Which delusion am I? Belief that one is being persecuted Paranoid
Which delusion am I? Belief that some event is uniquely related to patient (e.g., getting messages from TV) Reference
Which delusion am I? Belief that one's thoughts can be heard by others Thought broadcasting
Which delusion am I? Conventional beliefs exaggerated Religious
Which delusion am I? False belief concerning body image (e.g., I cannot swallow) Somatic
Fixed false beliefs that are not shared by a person's culture and cannot be changed by reasoning; classified as bizarre (impossible) or nonbizarre (possible) Delusions
Repetitive, intrusive thoughts Obsessions
Reptitive behaviors usually linked to certain thoughts Compulsions
Sensory perception that occur in the absence of an actual stimulus Hallucinations
Hallucinations experienced only before falling asleep HypnaGOgic (GOing to sleep)
Hallucinations experienced only before waking up Hypnapompic
Inaccurate perception of existing sensory stimuli (e.g., wall appears as though it is moving) Illusions
When does alcoholic hallucinosis develop? When does it resolve? Develops within 12-24 hours of abstinence and resolves within 24-48 hours. Pts are usually aware that hallucinations are not real.
Which axis am I? Describes physical disorders Axis III
Which axis am I? Describes describes clinical disorders Axis I
Which axis am I? Describes describes the severity of psychosocial factors Axis IV
Which axis am I? Describes developmental and personality disorders Axis II
Which axis am I? Provides a global assessment of functioning Axis V
What is the most important predictor of future violence? A prior history of violence. Duh!
Which objective test is used to assess a person's personality and identify psychopathologies? What is the mean score and std dev? Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). Mean is 50 and std dev is 10.
What does an IQ score of 100 mean? What is the mean and std dev of the IQ test? 100 signifies that mental age equals chronological age and corresponds to the 50th percentile in intellectual ability for the general population. Mean is 100 and std dev is 100.
Which IQ score correlates with mild mental retardation 50-70. Mental retardation is defined as an IQ <70.
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