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Psych Q2


Study of individual behavior Psychology
Long-term tendencies to stay the same. How to react. Personality
Outwar expression Affect
Internal expression Emotion
Thoughts Cognitive
Change in behavior Behavioral
Focusing, paying attention Attending
Words we use Verbal behavior
body language, posture, gestures, movement, tone Non-verbal behavior
When we first notice the sense Absolute threshold
Awareness goes away. Get used to the senses Sensory adaptation
Sense input. Smell, sound, sight, taste, touch Somatic
System that receives info, organizes it, stores it, and gets it out when needed Memory
Held long enough to tell if its changed Sensory memory
Hold a few things at a time for short period of time Short-term memory (Working memory)
Lasts forever. Unlimited capacity Long-term memory (Permanent memory)
What initiates, directs, and what sustains our behavior Motivation
Wanting to be like others Conformity
Requests made by others Compliance
Requests made by authority Obedience
Tendency to respond negative or positive towards something Attitude
Negative attitude toward others due to gender, race, religion, etc. Prejudice
Act of treating other different due to race, gender, religion, etc. Discrimination
Response to sudden danger Alarm
Long-term feeling of uneasiness Anxiety
Go away more quickly Fear
Blaming another Anger
Irrational fear Phobia
Thoughts, compulsiveness, anxiety Obsession
Actions we take to relieve anxiety Compulsion
Extreme sadness, helplessness, hopelesness Depression
Working less hard when in a group Social loafing
Alternating moods between low and high Bipolar disorder
Have suffered through a loss Bereavement
Internal emotions Grieving
External emotions Mourning
Activities around the loss Instrumental grieving
Feelings/emotions around the loss Intuitive grieving
Not okay to grieve publically Disenfranchised grief
Restore/replenish, organize thoughts, rest Purposes of sleep
Withdrawl, slower reaction time, impaired judgement Effects of too much alcohol
Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance 5 Stages of grief (Kubler-Ross)
1) Accept reality of the loss. 2) Work through the pain of grief. 3) Adjust to an environment in which the deceased is missing. 4) Emotionally relocate the deceased and move on. 4 tasks in mourning (Worden)
Created by: arc123
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