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Etiquette QIV


the forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required by society in a profession or in official life or office etiquette
a wine steward sommelier
who always pays for the restaurant check? the person that did the inviting
in most metropolitan areas, it is customary to tip between ____ and ____ percent of the bill between 15% and 20%
this wine is served chilled with fish or chicken white wine
this wine is served at cellar temperature with red meat or red pasta sauces red wine
the soup spoon is placed to the ____ of the dinner plate right
the knife is placed to the _____ of the dinner plate right
the salad and dinner forks are placed to the _____ of the dinner plate left
glassware is placed to the _____ of the dinner plate right
the bread and butter plate is to the _____ of the dinner plate left
when should you place your napkin in your lap? as soon as you're seated
t/f: when you eat your dinner roll, you should break it up into smaller pieces and butter each piece true
when a table has one seat against a wall and the other facing the wall, who should face the wall? the man
when following the maitre'd the _____ goes first and the _____ follows woman goes first and the man follows
t/f: it is appropriate to tip valet, restroom, and coat room attendants true
t/f: it is not necessary to reply if you are not attending when an invitation reads RSVP? false
on a letter, "Dear John," is considered the a) complimentary close OR b) salutation? b) salutation
on a letter, "Yours very truly, Mary," is considered the a) complimentary close OR b) salutation? a) complimentary close
flowers, letters to the family, food, and monetary donations are examples of condolences that require a written acknowledgment note, t/f? true
when you make a monetary donation in the honor of a deceased individual, you should always note how much you donated when you write the family, t/f? false
it is inappropriate to send a thank you note for a favor granted, a gift, or an interview, t/f? false
if you receive a gift that you feel is inappropriate, you should graciously decline
the proper place to send cut flowers is a) the home OR b) the office a) the home
the proper place to send plants or floral arrangements is a) the home OR b) the office b) the office
if you are giving alcohol as a gift, the best bet is to choose a) cheap tequila, b) a sixer of Bud, c) wine or an after-dinner liqueur c) wine or an after-dinner liqueur
the person in a hotel designated specifically for guest services concierge
"Not a problem" is an acceptable response to give to a client after you give them service, t/f? false
when presenting an American flag, what shape does the flag appear in, and what color shows? triangular, only blue shows
it is important to behave in gender degrading ways, like calling men "sexist" and calling women "baby" in the workplace, t/f? false
when entering a group, shake the host's hand first, t/f? true
when introducing two people say the _____-ranked person's name first higher
introductions: old person and young person Mr. Old Person, this is Little Young Person
intros: woman and man Miss Woman, this is Mr. Man
intros: outsider and spouse Mr. Outsider, this is my Spouse
intros: official and non-official Mr. Official, this is Miss Non-Official
intros: coworker and client Mrs. Client, this is Mr. Coworker
the title _____ is appropriate for all women regardless if they're married, divorced, single, or widowed Ms.
the term _____ is given if a son has the same first, middle, and last names of his father junior
the titles ___ or ____ are given if a boy has the first, middle, and last names of an older male in his family such as his father, grandfather, or uncle II or III
t/f: the person being toasted raises their glass false
Created by: amyziolkowski