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552 GI Drugs

Drug cards from Mercer course PHA 552 Gastrointestinal disorders

Brand / Questiongeneric / answerindication / drug class
Drugs to treat Nausea & Vomiting Antihistamines Anticholinergics Dopamine Receptor Antagonists 5HT3 Receptor Antagonists Substance P Antagonists
Drugs used for constipation Bulk Laxatives Osmotic Agents Non-digestible Polyalcohols Stool-Wetting Agents Stimulants 5HT4 Receptor Agonist Choline Channel Activator
Drugs Used to treat Diarrhea Oral Rehydration Solutions Opioids Bismuth Compounds Bulk Forming Agents Hygroscopic Agents Lactobacillus Somatostatin Analogs
Drugs used to treat Hemorrhoids Local Anesthetics Vasoconstrictors Protectants Astringents Flavoniods Corticosteroids
Drugs used to treat GERD Antacids Anti-flatulents H2 Receptor Antagonists PPIs Cytoprotective Agents Dopamine Receptor Antagonists
Drugs to treat IBS Anticholinergics Fiber supplements Antidepressants Anti-diarrheals Laxatives 5HT Antagonists & Agonists
Drugs used to treat PUD Antacids H2 Receptor Antagonists PPIs Prostaglandin Analogs Cytoprotective Agents
Drugs used to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease 5-aminosalicylates Immunosuppresives Immunomodulators Glucocorticoids Antibacterials Anti-diarrheals
Drugs used to treat liver disease Somatostatin Analogs Vasopressin Benzo Receptor Antagonists Interferons Nucleotide/Nucleoside Analogs Vaccines
Bucladin-S Buclizine Antihistamine
Marezine Cyclizine Antihistamine
Dramamine Dimenhydrinate Antihistamine
Benadryl Diphenhydramine Antihistamine
Antivert, Bonine, less drowsy Dramamine Meclizine Antihistamine
Phenergan Promethazine Antihistamine
Transderm Scop Scopalamine Anticholinergic
Thorazine Chlorpromazine Dopamine Receptor Antagonist
Haldol Haloperidol Dopamine Receptor Antagonist
Reglan Metoclopromide Dopamine Receptor Antagonist
Compazine Proclorperazine Dopamine Receptor Antagonist
Anzemet Dolasetron 5HT3 Receptor Antagonist
Kytril Granisetron 5HT3 Receptor Antagonist
Zofran Ondansetron 5HT3 Receptor Antagonist
Emend Aprepitant Substance P Antagonist
Tigan Trimethobenzamide Anti-nausea
Emetrol Phosphorated Carbohydrate Solution Anti-Nausea
Malsupex Malt Soup Extract Bulk Forming Laxative
Citrucel Methylcellulose Bulk Forming Laxative
FiberCon, Konsyl Polycarbophil Bulk Forming Laxative
Metamucil, Fiberall, Benefiber Psyllium Bulk Forming Laxative
Osmotic Agents (Saline Laxatives) (MOM) Magnesium hydroxide Magnesium Citrate Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) Sodium Phosphate Fleet PhosphoSoda (Sodium phosphate/bisphosphate)
Osmotic Agents (Non-Digestible polyalcohols) Glycerin Chronulac (Lactulose) Sorbitol Mannitol Miralax, Colyte, Golytely (PEG)
Colace, Doxinate Docusate Sodium (dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate) Stool wetting agent
Surfak Docusate calcium Stool wetting agent
Dulcolax Bisacodyl Diphenylmethane Derivative Stimulant Laxative
Aloe, Cascara, Senna, Senekot (Aloe, Rhamnus purshiana, sennosides) Anthraquinone Derivative Stimulant Laxative
Zelnorm Tegaserod 5HT4 Receptor Agonist
Amitiza Lubiprostone Choline channel activator
Imodium Loperamide Opioid Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Lomotil Diphenoxylate Opiod Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Paregoric Opium (camphorated tincture) Opioid Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Pepto Bismol, Kaopectate Bismuth Subsalicylate Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Fibercon, Mitrolan Calcium polycarbophil Bulk Forming Agent Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Kaolin Hydrated Aluminum silicate Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Diasorb, Donnagel Attapulgite Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Lactinex Lactobacillus Indication: Anti-diarrheal
Sandostatin Octreotide Somatostain Analog Indication: Control of symptoms (diarrhea and flushing) in patients with metastatic carcinoid tumors; treatment of watery diarrhea associated with vasoactive intestinal peptide-secreting tumors (VIPomas); treatment of acromegaly
Romazicon, Anexate Flumezanil Benzo Receptor Antagonist
Interferon Compounds Interferon alpha-2B plus Ribavirin (Rebetron) Interferon alpha-2B (Intron A) Peginterferon alpha -2A (Pegasys) Peginterferon alpha-2B (PEG-Intron)
Rebetron Interferon alpha-2B plus Ribavirin
Intron A Interferon alpha-2B
Pegasys Peginterferon alpha -2A
PEG-Intron Peginterferon alpha-2B
Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues Lamivudine (Epivir) Entecavir (Baraclude) Telbivudine (Tyzeka) Adefovir– Hepsera Emtricitabine (Emtriva) Tenofovir (Viread)
Epivir Lamivudine Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Baraclude Entecavir Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Tyzeka Telbivudine Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Hepsera Adefovir Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Emtriva Emtricitabine Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Viread Tenofovir Nucleoside/nucleotide Analogues
Vaccines Havrix Vaqta Twinrix Recombivax-HB Engerix-B Comvax Pediarix
Prograf Tacrolimus
Neoral, Sandimmune Cyclosporin
Cellcept Mycophenolate mofetil
Imuran Azathioprine
ATGAM liver transplant
Thymoglobulin liver transplant
Orthoclone Muromonab CD-3, OKT3
Zenapax Daclizumab
Simulect Basiliximab
Drugs for chronic pancreatitis PPIs H2 Receptor Antagonists Pancreatic Enzymes Ocreotide (Sandostatin) Analgesics
Sublimaze, Duragesic, Actiq Fentanyl
Duramorph, MS-Contin, Kadian, Avinza Morphine
Amphojel Aluminum hydroxide gel
Tums, Maalox, Caltrate, OsCal, Titralac Calcium Carbonate
Riopan suspension Magaldrate (aluminum magnesium hydroxide sulfate)
Gelusil, Maalox, Mylanta Aluminum hydroxide/Magnesium hydroxide
Mylanta, Rolaids Magnesium hydroxide/calcium carbonate
Mylicon, Phazyme, Gas-X Simethicone
Gaviscon Alginic acid + aluminum hydroxide + sodium bicarbonate + magnesium trisilicate
Tagamet Cimetidine
Pepcid Famotidine
Axid Nizatidine
Zantac Ranitidine
Dexilant Dexlansoprazole
Nexium Esomeprazole
Prevacid Lansoprazole
Prilosec Omeprazole
Protonix Pantoprazole
Aciphex Rabeprazole PPI
Zegerid Omeprazole + Sodium bicarbonate
Carafate Sucralfate
Reglan Metoclopromide
Fibercon Calcium polycarbophil
Citrucel Methylcellulose
Metamucil, Konsyl Psyllium
Bentyl Dicyclomine
Cystospaz, IB-Stat, Levbid, Levsin, Levsinex, NuLev Hyoscyamine
Probanthine Propanthaline
Donnatal Atropine + Scopolamine + Hyoscyamine + Pb
Librax Chlordiazopoxide + clidinium
Amitiza Lubiprostone
Lotronex Alosetron
Azulfidine Sulfasalazine
Apriso, Asacol, Canasa, Pentasa, Rowasa Mesalamine Apriso, Asacol, Canasa, Pentasa, Rowasa
Dipentum Olsalazine Apriso, Asacol, Canasa, Pentasa, Rowasa
Colazal Balsalazide
Purinethol 6-Mercaptopurine
Remicade Infliximab
Enbrel Etanercept
Humira Adalimumab
Cimzia Certolizumab
Tysabri Natalizumab
Deltasone Prednisone
Delta-Coref, Prelone Prednisolone
Medrol Methylprednisolone
Cortef Hydrocortisone
Entocort Budesonide
Decadron Dexamethasone
Flonase, Veramyst Fluticasone
Beconase AQ, Qvar Beclomethasone
Cipro Ciprofloxacin
Flagyl Metronidazole
Imodium AD Loperamide
Questran Cholestyramine
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