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Basic Safety Terms for Industry- Terms used by industry

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
Class A Fire Extinguisher cloth Wood, paper,cloth, trash
Class B Fire Extinguisher Flammable liquids, oil, gas, grease
Class C Fire Extinguisher Electrical, energized electrical equipment
Class D Fire Extinguisher Combustible metals
OSHA Occupational Safety Health Administration
NEVER fight a fire if any of the following apply: Fire has spread beyond its point of origin
P.A.S.S. Method Pull the pin Aim at the base of the fire Squeeze the handle Sweep side to side
Different Kinds of Extinguishers The 4 most common fire extinguishers: All Purpose Water Carbon Dioxide Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Dry Powder Each kind of extinguisher has a specific use
How Does a Fire Work? Need all three components to start a fire Oxygen, Heat, Fuel
Emergency Procedures Proceed to nearest exit in an orderly fashion Assemble at least 100 feet from building Provide emergency crews with information about people still in the building Provide information to emergency crews about the reason for evacuation Never re-enter a
Created by: sgarza01