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What are the divisions of Con-way, Inc? CWF CWTL MENLO
What are our Core Values? Integrity Excellence Commitment Leadership Safety
Name the services or modes we offer LTL TL Rail Expedited IMDL Air Reefer Ocean Flatbed Mexico Canada Heavy Haul Partial OTR Dedicated Consolidation
What does it mean to be Lean? Continuous improvement. Voice of the customer. Using best business practice. Eliminating waste. Small incremental changes. Improve quality, reduce time, reduce cost, improve morale and safety.
What is our Mantra? Commitment Consistency Intensity
What is the role of a broker? Secure freight. Find trucks/carriers. Service on a load. Move freight efficiently and cost effectively. Increase margin and drive down costs.
How do you maximize your margin? Increase cost to customer. Reduce cost to carrier. Maximize/take advantage seasonality/market conditions/headhaul vs backhaul. Utilizing time efficiently. Be efficient and organized.
What unique pieces of information do you need for an LTL shipment? NMFC, National Motor Freight Classification. Class. Exact weight, pallets, dimensions.
How long must a carrier have an active authority for us to use them? 180 days
Who is the president and VP of operations of Con-way Multimodal? VP of Operations - Greg Orr President - Tommy Barnes
Who are the site managers at each location? Portland – BRR – Chuck Minarsich. Aurora – BRA – Andreas Katsoros. Ann Arbor – BBO – Jay Fulton.
Con-way Inc is a $ ____ Company. 5 Billion
Name three benefits or special advantages you can use to sell CWM to a customer or a carrier. $250k bond. Respected brand. Multiple services. Access to sister companies. Full range of shipping solutions. Quick pay and advances for carriers.
Name 3 Competitors (any Mode or Service) CH Robinson, assets, person sitting next to you.
Why is it Important to Understand Supply Chain? Target other customers/vendors/distributors in the supply chain and expand our book of business. Better understand product life cycle of what you are moving
What safety ratings do we accept? Satisfactory or None.
What is the max SEA score we will accept? 85
How many trucks must a carrier with a Broker License have to be able to work with us? 10 minimum
Broker monitored statistics. Margin $ and %. # of calls made. # of new customers/ month.
What is quick pay? Paying the carrier an advance or a final payout. 40% for an advance for $ 40 fee. Final payout for 2% or 3%.
List the things you need to know when taking a load from a customer. Origin/destination. Weight. Piece count. Equipment Type. Pick/Del Times. Value. Commodity. Special Instructions (Dims or contact info)
List 3 places you can check for availability of carriers: Power Broker. Internet truckstop. DAT/3sixty
Where would you look for rate information when pricing a shipment to a customer? PB - History. Transcore rate index. ITS – Rate mate. Calling Carriers
What screen do you use to log customer sales calls? Locations/Telemarketing Tab
List the regions impacted by seasonal shipping trends. NW – X-mas trees. CA/FL /TX– produce. TX – Border /Cotton. L.A. - Imports. End of year shutdowns.
Name one “back haul” market. Northeast.
From the “planning your day” segment, name 5 things a broker should do every day and when. Put out fires. Tracking/tracing. Cold Calls/sales development calls. Develop custy/car relationships. Set yourself up for the next day. Update loads.
Created by: foxyrsn
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