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Drivers Ed Test 1 P2

A White Line Outlines The Edge of The Roadway. It Can Be Called A What? An Edge Line
A Flashing Red Light Means? A Flashing Red Light Means STOP
Why Should You Adjust Your Seats Before You Adjust Your Mirrors? That Way You Don't Have To Readjust Your Mirrors To See Out Of Them Properly
*Randomness* A Construction Sign Is Not A Regulatory Sign Might ask something like that on test
What Does ABS Stand For? Anti-Lock Breaking System
An Officer Standing In Traffic Holding His Hands Up Means What? Stop
You Should Perform A _____ Stop If Your View Is Blocked When Turning A Safety Stop
You Should First _____ an Intersection Before Crossing It You Should SCAN An Intersection Before Crossing
You Can Consider A Yield Sign To Be A _____ Sign Warning
The 3 Types of Road Signs Are...? Regulatory, Guide, (And one I didnt catch)
Pedestrians Always Have The Right Away. If ones crossing you must? Wait For Them
SMOG Is That Last Thing You Should Do Before Pulling Out SMOG
The Purpose Of A Yellow Sing Is To? Warn You. Yellow Always Means Warning.
At A Stop Sign You Should Look _____ First. Always look LEFT first at a stop sign
If You Need To Adjust Your Seat While Your Driving You Should ______. Pull Over
A speed limit sign tells your the MAXIMUM speed you can go while driving. A speed limit sign tells your the MAXIMUM speed you can go while driving.
Use Middle Lane To Avoid Parked Cars Use The MIDDLE LANE to Avoid Parked Cars
Created by: Sheebadog
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