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Drivers Ed Test 1

Washington State Teen Drivers Course Study Stack For Test 1 (911 Driving School)

Why Are Traffic Laws Made? To safely move people and goods
A Sign With An Orange Background, Diamond Shaped, and Black Text is a ___________? Construction Sign
Whats The Goal of a Drivers Ed Course? To Make Responsible Drivers That Are Collision Free
Driving is Considered To Be __________ Cause You Have To Interact With Other People. Driving is Considered SOCIAL
You Have To Have A _______ or a ____ To Park In a Handicapped Parking Space Permit or Specialized Licensed Plate
When Turning A Corner You Should Check Your _______ at the _______ of the Corner Check Your ACCELERATOR at the APEX of the Corner
A Good Driver is....? A) Experienced B)Pays Attention C)Follows The Rules & Laws D) All of the Above D) All of the Above
Do You Need To Schedule An Appointment To Take Your Knowledge Driving Test? No, You Will Be Taking It At 911 Driving School & Even If Taking It Elsewhere It Does Not Require An Appointment
The Hardest Part About Driving On Highways, Freeways, and Other Roads Is? You Can't Control Other Drivers. Always Be Prepared For The Worst Case Scenario.
You Should NOT Change Lanes if...? (Just Take A Good Guess & Click For The Answer) You SHOULD NOT Change Lanes If The Vehicle In Front Of You Ins't Going The Speed Limit
Why Do You Need To Know The Colors & Shapes of Signs? So You Can Quickly Recognize them & React Early
On The Test If Its Talking About A Sign That Says No Passing And Starts With "Penta" or Something Like That It Means No Passing Didn't Catch That One When He Was Reading Off Review For The Test
A White Line _______ Cars Going Same Direction A White Line SEPARATES Cars Going The Same Direction (I Think a White Dotted Line But IDK)
A Round Sign Means _________? Rail Road Crossing
You Should Release The Break When Your Ready To? Move (Duh)
You Should Wait At The Stop Line At An Intersection? -True -False True
An X Over A Road Means The Road Is Shut Down An X Over A Road Means The Road Is Shut Down
Created by: Sheebadog