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resp. chapter 5

Mildred Elley med term. respiratory therapy - chapter 5 defin. only

(blank) line with mucous membrane and fine hears. acts as a filter to moisten and warm the entering air
(blank) partition separating the right and left nasal cavity
(blank) air cavities within the cranial bones
(blank) passageway for foor and air. aka throat
(blank) tissue located behind the nasal cavity
(blank) location of the vocal cords. aka voice box
(blank) flap that covers the larynx as food will not enter
(blank) passageway for air to bronchi. aka windpipe
(blank) tubes that bring air into the lungs from trachea. sometimes referred to as brachial tree
(blank) smallest subdivision of the brachial tree
(blank) air sacs at the end of the bronchioles
(blank) spongelike organs in the thorasic cavity. right 3 lobes left 2 lobes
(blank) serous membrane that covers the lungs and lines the thoracic cavity
(blank) partition that separates the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity
(blank) adenoids
(blank) alveolus
(blank) bronchus
(blank) bronchus
(blank) diaphragm
(blank) epiglottis
(blank) larynx
(blank) lobe
(blank) nose
(blank) nose
(blank) pharynx
(blank) pluera
(blank) air/lungs
(blank) air/lungs
(blank) air/lungs
(blank) lungs
(blank) septum
(blank) sinus
(blank) thorax/chest
(blank) tonsil
(blank) trachea
(blank) imperfect/incomplete
(blank) carbon dioxide
(blank) blood
(blank) blood
(blank) mucus
(blank) straight
(blank) oxygen
(blank) oxygen
(blank) pus
(blank) sleep
(blank) breathing/breathe
(blank) within
(blank) normal/good
(blank) all/total
(blank) many/much
(blank) pain
(blank) pertaining to
(blank) pertaining to
(blank) pertaining to
(blank) hernia
(blank) surgical puncture
(blank) stretching out/dilation/expansion
(blank) blood condition
(blank) x-ray
(blank) process of xray
(blank) instrument use to measure
(blank) measurement
(blank) oxygen
(blank) surgical fixation
(blank) voice/sound
(blank) breathing
(blank) rapid flow of blood
(blank) instrument for visual exam
(blank) pertaining to visual exam
(blank) visual exam
(blank) sudden movement
(blank) narrowing/constriction
(blank) artificial opening
(blank) chest
(blank) incision for artifical opening
(blank) incomplete expansion
(blank) dilation of the bronchi
(blank) inflammation of the bronchi
(blank) tumor of the bronchi
(blank) disease state of lungs and bronchi
(blank) hernia of the diaphragm
(blank) inflammation of the epiglottis
(blank) blood in the chest
(blank) inflammation of the larynx
(blank) inflammation of the larynx, trachea, and bronchi
(blank) disease state of the lobes in the lungs
(blank) inflammation of the nose and the pharynx
(blank) inflammation of all sinuses
(blank) inflammation of the pharynx
(blank) inflammation of the pleura
(blank) hernia of the lungs
(blank) abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
(blank) diesease state of the lungs
(blank) inflammation of the lungs
(blank) air in the chest
(blank) new tumor in the lungs
(blank) pus in the chest
(blank) inflammation of the nose
(blank) fungus in the nose
(blank) rapid flow of blood from the nose
(blank) pain in the chest
(blank) inflammation of the tonsils
(blank) inflammation of the trachea
(blank) narrowing of the trachea
(blank) discharge from the nose
(blank) only able to breathe in the upright position
(blank) pertaining to within the pleura
(blank) low oxygen
(blank) low oxygen in the blood
(blank) deficient breathing
(blank) deficient carbon dioxide
(blank) excessive breathing
(blank) excessive carbon dioxide
(blank) normal/good breathing
(blank) difficult breathing
(blank) difficult speaking
(blank) absent breathing
(blank) absent voice
(blank) measurement of breathing
(blank) instrument for measuring breathing
(blank) instrument for measuring oxygen
(blank) instrument for measuring carbon dioxide
(blank) visual exam within
(blank) instrument used for internal visual exam
(blank) incision into the trachea
(blank) artificial opening in the trachea
(blank) surgical puncture to remove fluid from the chest cavity
(blank) repair to nose
(blank) removal of a lung
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