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pharmacy test study


Ionized drugs do not penetrate biological membranes because: charges on the biological membranes repel them
Which is not a mechanism of drug actions protective/physical; chemical reaction; changes metabolism; (ALL ARE MECHANISM OF DRUG ACTIONS)
In the Orange Book, products that are bioequivalent to other pharmaceutically equivalent products and judged to be therapeutically equivalent have the first letter _____ in their two letter code: A B C P (A)answer
Bioequivalency is determined by comparing the ___________ of two products: bioavailability
In metabolism, the breakdown of drugs into metabolites is caused by: enzymes
First pass metabolism refers to the substantial degradation of the drug caused by enzyme metabolism in the: liver
In the blood concentration-time profile, the duration of action can be measured as: time from when blood concentrations first reach the MEC to when the declining blood concentrations reach MEC
Some drugs given to children require that a higher than normal adult dose be given. Why? Children metabolize some drugs faster than adults
Gender differences in drug disposition that can be anticipated by using data collected in males and accounting for differences: cannot be anticipated
What would not be responsible for increased drug bioavailability in hepatic desease? decreased first pass effect. (due to liver having potential to degrade the drug)
A high protein diet is expected to: increase hepatic metabolism
How many hours of CE does the PTCB require you to obtain every two years to maintain your certification: 20 hours
What is the common name for the FDA's Appproval Drug Products publication: Orange Book
Where should the pharmacy technician check for possible incompatibility of two intravenous medications: Handbook of Injectable Drugs
A drug given an "A" rating in the Orange Book is considered to be: A therapeutic equivalent
The purpose of OSHA is to: Assure a safe workplace
The Health Insurance Protability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) contains regulations related to PHI, which stands for: Protected health information
The route of administration should be indicated on the prescription if it is defferent from: oral
Amoxil 250mg/5ml Sig: tsp tid x 10d M: qs / The amount of medication to be dispensed is: 100 ml
When warning screens display potential dosing irregularities, you should immediately: call the pharmacist
Prescriptions are written in: ink
Amoxil 250/5ml Sig: tsp tid x10d M: qs / The following auxiliary label should be placed near the medication label: Shake well; may cause drowsiness; discard unused portion after 5 days; do not take with milk or other dairy products. / (shake well)answer
_______________are akkiwed ti wrute sine orescruotuibs ub sine states as determined by protocols and cooaboration with a primary prescriber: Pharmacists, nurse practitioner, and/or physician assistants
The directions for use (such as cap t.i.d.) make-up the: Signa
In community pharmacies, ________generally receive the prescription and collect patient data and enter this information into the computer: pharmacy technicians
The name of the drug, its stregth, and quantity make-up the: Insigna
When a prescription is written for a medication that is not commercially available, the medication can be prepared by mixing the ingredients required and this is called: extemporaneous compounding
The_________should be consulted on all OTC and Schedule II prescriptions. pharmacist
If a new prescription has been prepared by a pharmacy technician, the final check is done by the: pharmacist
Directions for use should start with a(an): verb
For the prescription: Prozac 20 mg #30 qd NR, how many refills are allowed: 0
Medication orders that are presented at community pharmacies are: prescriptions
During the fill process, you should always refer to the _______first: prescription
When you receive a prescription for an OTC medication, you should: consult the pharmacist
Amoxil 250/5ml Sig: tsp tid x10d M: qs / The medication shoul be taken: three times a day
For the prescription: Amoxil 250 mg #30 l t.i.d. rfx2, How many days should the prescription last: 10
As an expiration date approaches, the pharmacy technician should be aware that it must be__________before the expiration date passes: used
Checking of order reports to ensure the order contains no gross errors is done: manually
Stock that is expired should be: separated from regular stock and clearly marked until it can be returned or destroyed
If a third party plan has a dual co-pay, the patient usually pays______for generic drugs compared to brand name drugs: less
Baker Cells is an example of a(an): counting/filling device
Most drugs are kept at room temperature between: 59 - 86 degrees F
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide: information concerning hazardous substances
The goal of inventory management is: to ensure that drugs are available when they are needed.
The portion of the price of the medication that the patient is required to pay is called the: co-pay
____________are provided by suppliers or wholesalers to return overshipments, damaged products, or expired products: Return goods forms
The DAW indicator that is appropriate for online adjudication if a physician has handwritten DAW on the prescription is: 1
When reconciling an order, if a technician detects a descrepancy, the supplier should be notified: immediately
Procedures for billing compounded prescriptions: are variable, depending on the insurer or PBM
What system involves the resolution of prescription coverage through the communication of the pharmacy computer with the third party: Online adjudication system
Wholesalers who provide medications to hospitals, pharmacies, and other medication despensers account for______of pharmaceutical manufacturers sales: three-quarters
If a suppliers terms are thirty days net: it would be best to have a turnover less than thirty days.
Which of the following information is generally not required in online claim processing: birth date; weight; sex group number. (weight)answer
Medications that are chemically different but have similiar actions and effects are: therapeutically equivalent
____________is the term for organizing drugs alphabetically by their generic names: Alpha-generically
Alisting of the goods or items that a business will use in its normal operation is called a(an): Turnover
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are required by_________: OSHA
____________is an important step in ensuring that records are correct: Manual checking
When receiving orders for Scedule II controlled substances, they must be chedked and signed by the: pharmacist
All dispensed prescriptions must have a ______ cap unless that patient specifies a ______ cap: child resistent, non-child-resistant
The refrigerator in a community pharmacy may be used to store: drugs only
Pharmacists can provide services that are billed to third parties for conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma and these services are called: Disease State Management Services
Community pharmacies that are individually owned local pharmacies are: independent pharmacies
When there is a quiestion on insurance coverage for an online claim, the pharmacy technician should: telephone the insurance plan's pharmacy help desk
A(an)_________is a network of providers for which costs are covered inside, but not outside of their network HMO
Information that a pharmacy technician may enter into the computer for a new prescription includes: A) correct drug and strength, directions for use, quantity, and number of refill C)correct physician's name, DAW code, and initials of the dispensing pharmacist
Disease state management services may be billed directly to the patient or to: major medical insurance
When a technician receives a refected claim "Unable to Connect", this probably means: the connection with the insurer's computer is temporarily unavailable due to computer problems
Techniques for interacting with customers on the telephone include: using a pleasant and courteous manner; stating the name of your pharmacy and your name; referring all calls that require a pharmacist's judgment to the pharmacist (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
_________are skills involving relationships between people: Interpersonal skills
Scheduling appointments for disease state management services is a duty of the: pharmacy technician
When a technician receives a refected claim "NDC Not Covered", this probably means: the insurance plan has a closed formulary
A(an)_________is a set amount that must be paid by the patient before the insurer will cover additional expenses: deductible
Community pharmacies that are part of regional or national food store chains such are Giant, Eagle and Kroger are: food store pharmacies
A(an)_________is a network of providers where costs outside the network may be partially reimbursed and the patieints primary care physician need not be a member: PPO
Ordering stock is a responsibility of the pharmacy technician
Patient information that must be entered into the computer includes: full name of patient, address, telephone number, date of birth, and any medication allergies.
Disease state management services are offered in: private offices or areas
A(an)_______is a book that patients sign for the prescriptions they receive: signature log
Community pharmacies within stores like Walmart or KMart, that are part of regional or national mass merchandise chains are: mass merchandiser pharmacies
Plans in which the patient pays a different amount depending on whether a generic or brand name medication is dispensed have: dual co-pays
Patient assistance programs are offered by: pharmaceutical manufacturers
The_______is a network of providers where the patients primary care physician must be a member and costs outside the network may be parially reimbursed: POS
When a technician receives a rejected claim"Invalid birth date", this probably means: the birth date submitted by the pharmacy does not match the birth date in the insurer's computer
When a customer picks up a prescription, you should: find only the prescription that was requested.
The rate at which inventory is used, generally expressed in number of days is: turnover
An example of an automated counting/filling device is: Baker Cells
OSHA requires these notices on hazardous substances to provide hazard, handling, clean up, and first aid information: MSDS
Most drugs are kept at this temperature: 59 degrees F to 86 degrees F / and / 15 - 30 Celcius
Most medications in hospitals are received in: Unit dose packaging / Rec'd into hospital in bulk, but administered in unit dose packaging
A set amount that must be paid by the patient for each benefit period before the insurer will cover additional expenses: deductible
Component of Medicare that covers prescription drugs is: Part D
A form for billing paper claims for prescription drugs that were depensed is: UCF (form used for drugs)
The number used to identify the drug dispensed when billing a PBM for a filled prescription is: NCD
Another party, besides the patient or pharmacy, that pays for some or all of the cost of a medication is: Third party
Almost two thirds of all prescription drugs in the U.S. are dispensed by: community pharmacies
Federal regulations that required community pharmacists to offer counseling to Medicaid patients: OBRA
When a patient telephones the pharmacy to ask about the dosage for a new prescription, this call should be: referred to the pharmacist
The clean room is the area of the pharmacy designed for: preparation of sterile products
Universal precautions are: practices that reduce the probability of exposure to blood borne pathogens.
Pharmacy technician duties in long-term care pharmacy include the following EXCEPT: a) home infusion pharmacy b) compiling quality improvement data c) preparing reports d)developing pharmaceutical care plans for individual patients (answer D)
The fastest growing segment of pharmacy is: mail order pharmacy
Epidural mediacations: cannot contain preservatives and must be sterile
Legal requirements for the ratio of pharcists to technicians are regulated at the: state level
How many numbers are in each segment of a National Drug Code: a) 4,3,2 b) 5,3,2 c) 5,4,2 d) 4,3,1 (answer C)
The technician fails to place a prescription label on the liquid medication bottle. Which law is being broken: Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act / considered mis-branded
A technician breaks her little toe when she drops a box of labels on her foot. What law allows the employee to collect damages from the employer: Occupational and Safety Act
What is the drug classification of quinapril: ACE inhibitor
Which of the following medication is a single active ingredient item: Estrace (Estrodiol)
What schedule is Tylenol #3: Class III
Where is Intron stored: Refrigerator (aka: Interferon / antiviral med)
Which of the following insulin is allowed in an IV bag: Regular
What is the meaning of the abbreviation of "ung" Ointment
What is the maximum number of refills allowed on a Diazpam prescription: 5
Which dosage form releases carbon dioxide when placed in water: effervescents
A customer requests that the pharmacy from now on to place their medication in an EZ open container. Which law allows the pharmacy to dispense the prescription in this manner: Kefauver-Harris Act
To calculate the price of a prescription, which of the following formulas would the pharmacist or the pharmacy technician use: a) cost + fee b) MAC + dispensing fee c) AAC + dispensing fee d) AWP - % discont + dispensing fee (answer C)
Which of the following is not a proton pump inhibitor: Prevacid
If a person is suffering from a severe case of vomiting. Which dosage form of Phenergan would be most effective: Suppository
How many milligrams of penicillin are needed to make 50 ml of a 1:500 solution: 100 milligrams
What is the responsibility of the pharmacy technician if the customer wants to purchase a bottle of aspirin and the prescription refill they are picking up is warfarin: Do not ring up the customer until the pharmacist can be informed of the interaction possibility and a chance to counsel the patient
What is the brand name of allopurinol: Lipitor
What are the maximum allowable refills allowed on Celexa, Ritalin, and Vicodin: a) 12,0,5 b) 1,2,4 c) 12, 0,6 d) 12,3,5 (answer A)
The pharmacist askes you to dissolve 15 grams of a drug in 200 ml of solution. What is the percentage of the solution: 7.5 / 15/200 by x/100
The physician orders Premarin, gr 1/100. What strength is this in milligrams: .625
A child weighs 22 lbs. The doctor writes that they are to receive a drug at 50 mg/kg/per day divided into tid dosing. What is the amount of each dose: 167
Convert 38 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit: 100.4
What is room temperature: 59-86 degrees F (15-30 degrees C)
Which class of antidepressants requires a wash out period before starting a new class of antidepressants: MAOI
Which of the following is not required on a prescription label: Lot number and Prescriber's DEA
Interpret the following latin: "I-II cap stat, I q 6 h, NMT 5/12H: Take one to two capsules immediately then 1 capsule ever 6 hours. No more than 5 capsules in a 12 hour period
If a pharmacist told you to make 24 of these dosage forms using the punch method, what dosage for are you making: Suppository
The dry gum method (continental method) is used in making of which dosage form: Emulsions
A doctor calls in a prescription for #60 Percocet with 2 refills for patient XY on 12/13. Patient XY calls to say that he is out of town and will not be able to pick up the prescription until 12/21. Which of the following is true about the Percocet presc Doctor cannot call in Percocet ( hard copy needed) and No refills are allowed on percocet
How many mcg of Fluoride are in 2 ounces of 0.25/ml Poly-Vi-Flor drops: 15000 mcg
Which of the following medications do not require a medication guide to be dspensed along with it: Digoxin
Which of the following medications is not a xhedule III substance according to the DEA Provigil
Which of the following brand/generic pairs are incorrectly matched Robaxin-Mehazolamide
What do the last 2 number of NDC 00024-5421-31 refer to: package size
Which of the following is a calcium channel blocker: Cardizem
What is the days of supply for 30 tablets if the direction stated, "i t po tid" 10
What does it mean when the directions say "prn" as needed
Which of the following does not come in a transdermal patch: Lopid
What is the generic name of Biaxin: Clarithromycin
A prescription for Amoxicillin reads, " i tea po tid q.s.10d". What does q.s. mean: quantity sufficient
What classification is Roboxin: Muscle Relaxer
What is the generic name for Percodan: Aspirin + oxycodone
What drug requires refrigeration; Latanoprost
An 18 gauge needle is ____compared to a 30 gauge needle: Larger in diameter
Tetracycline requires which auxiliary label: Avoid sunlight,: take all medication until gone, take 1 hr before or 2 hrs after taking antacids or dairy products
What is an automated dispensing system: Pyxis MedStation, Baxter SureMed, Robot RX
What abbreviation means "into the skin" ID
If a person is deficient in cyanocobalamin, what should the patient take: Vitamin B 12
What schedule is codeine: Class II
What is duplicate therapy: Two medications (not necessarily in the same classification) that do the same end effect.
Brand name of amlodopine is: Norvasc
How long does a laminar flow hood need to run before using: 30-60 minutes
Which is an antifungal: ketoconazole
What do you use to wipe down a laminar flow hood: 70% isopropyl alcohol
Which of the following is classified as a CI: Marijuana (Cocaine is cl II)
What is the maximum daily dosage of APAP: 4000 mg (Tylenol)
How is insulin injected an what length needle would you use: SC, 5/8 inch
Absorption of a medication (i.e. tablet) means: From administration site into the bloodstream
The purpose of enteric coating a medication is to: prevent dissoltion inside the stomach and to pass into the intestines to be dissolved
Translate the Roman numerals: MCMXII AND XLIII 1912 and 43
Which two antibiotics must remain at room termperature after reconstitution: Biaxin, Omnicef
All are beta blockers Sectral, Zebeta, Normadyne
Distribution of a medication inside the body means: from administration site into the bloodstream
Which pairs of medications are film coated to mask the bad taste of the medication: Depakote, Biaxin
The definition of a "Class A" environment is: An area containing no more than 100 particles, 0.3 microns or larger in size per cubic spuare foot
Convert the following to Roman numerals: 1139 MCXXXIX
Another name for hydrocodone/acetaminophen is: Vicodin
Maintaining a correct count of narcotic supply is an example of: Inventory control
The term "antitussive" refers to: relieve coughing
A tablet that has a special coating to prevent dissolution in the stomach so that the tablet will dissolve in the intestines is called: enteric coated
Deazepam is considered a: generic name
The process that brings a drug from the administration site into the blood stream is called: absorption
The prescriber's DEA number is required on a prescription for: controlled substances
Dilaudid is considered a: brand name
Generically equivalent drugs are: chemically identical in strength, concentration, dosage form and route of administration
When two or more drugs combine to provide a response that is greater than the sum of the individual drugs, is called: synergism
The federal health insurance provided to people age 65 and over is called: medicare
Another name for Tylenol is: Pandol
Lisinopril is another name for: Prinivil
All are Schedule II (C2) drugs: Demerol, Duragesic, Percodan
Which prefix stands for kidney: Nephro
The latin abbreviation for left ear is: A.S.
Which chemical symbol represents potassium K
An antipyretic drug would: reduce fever
"PR" written on a prescription would stand for: per rectum
Quinapril HCL is the same as: Accupril
Which of the following is classified as an antifungal: Lotrisone
Quinapril HCL is classified as a(n): ACE inhibitor
What drug is not a controlled substance: Percogesic
Drug tolerance is best defined as: a patients decreased response to the same drug at the same dose.
Another name for KCL is: Potassium Chloride
The latin abbreviation for "under the tongue" is: SL
The latin abbreviation for "right eye"is: OD
Pharmacology is the study of: how drugs interact with the body
Medications having no accepted medical use in the United States with the highest abuse potential are classified as: Schedule I
Levothyroxine sodium is another name for: Synthroid
The generic name for Norvasc is: Amlodipine
PPI means: Patient package insert (must go into any meds that are restricted dist. such as: Accutane, thalamid, Steroids, Antidepressants, any Estrogens, and meter dose inhaler(MDI)
All are corticosteroids used to treat asthma: Aerobid, Azmacort, Vanceril
A drug that causes a narrowing of the blood vessels is called a: vasoconstrictor
Which medication is a tricyclic antidepressant; amitriptyline
What will reduce the absorption of tetracyclines when given together: antacids, iron, dairy products
Which is a triphasic oral contraceptive: Triphasil
What insulin is classified as short acting: Regular insulin
Which is a stimulant laxative: Bisacodyl
The term "cost"can be defined as: the invoice amount to the pharmacy
Gemfibrozil is the generic name for: Lopid
The drug of choice to treat children for fever or flu-like symptoms is: Acetaminophen
Tablets held in the mouth for slow dissolution are called: lozenges
Verapamil is the generic for what drugs; Calan, Isoptin, Verelan
1 pound is equal to: 454 g
200 oz is equal to how many liters: 6.00 L
A 2% Triamcinolone cream is ordered for a hospital patient. How is this drug likely to be dispensed: bulk drug
A chemical spill has occurred in the pharmacy. What reference should you utilize for information regarding the safe cleanup of the product: MSDS book
A complete inventory of all the pharmacy's controlled drugs must be completed every: 6 months
A Doctor's prescription calls for 6 oz of Hydrocortisone cream. The correct amount to despense is: 180 g
A doctor's prescription reads: Augmentin 400 mg/5ml 7.5ml po BID x 10d. How many teaspoonfuls does the patient receive each day: 3 tsp
A hospitals cart exchange contains enough medication in the patients bin to last: 24 hours
A mafor concern for the patient while using a diuretic is the drugs ability to: cause potassium loss from the body
A major concern with topical decongestants is: they may cause rebound congestion
A medication administration record (MAR) calls for "Keflex 500mg PO q0700, 110, 1400, 2000". The order is received by pharmacy at 5pm and cart exchange takes place at 7pm. How many doses sent to floor now: 1
A meniscus occurs when: a liquid is measured in a glass cylinder
A package received by pharmacy states, "Store at 25 degrees C". Where should the product be stored: room temperature
A patient that is allergic to Eryc would also most likely be allergic to: dirithromycin
A phase I NDA trial tests a new drugs: maximum tolerated dose
A product rated "AB" in the orange book would be considered to be: bioequivalent
A sulfonylurea is a drug used to treat: diabetes
ACE inhibitors are used to HTN and exert their effect by: inhibiting the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensi II
An enteric coated tablet should not be taken with: antacids
An invoice for percodan received at the pharmacy must be retained for: 2 years
Before an orally administered drug can get into the systemic circulation, it passes through and gets broken down by the: liver
Cimetidine is a histamine blocker used to treat: excess stomach acid
Compounding of a prescription medication for an individual patient without any written guidelines on file is called: extemporaneous compounding
Dr. has a hypertensive patient for whom he will be prescribin a blood pressure medication. He know the should not prescribe zestril because patient is: asthmatic
Dr. receives a comp;aint from patient about a persisten dry cough which he cant get rid of> Reviewing patients chart the doctor sees he is taking HCTZ, atenolol, fosinopril, doxazon. which is causing cough: fosinopril / ACE inhibitors create cough.
Dr. wants to administer insulin to his patient to lower the patients high blood glucose levels. He wants to know which type of insulin would be best for his patient: regular insulin
Given the name captopril, this drug is most likely a: ACE inhibitor
How often should a laminar flow HEPA filter be professionally checked and inspected: 6 months
Introduction of which of the following made patient counseling mandatory for all Medicaid patients: OBRA
Licesing and professional regulation of pharmacies is under the authority of: State Board of Pharmacy
One of the brand names for Verapamil is: Calan
Ototoxicity is seen in high doses with which of the following groups of drugs: loop diuretics
Proper labeling of a bag with medication before the next cart exchange, includes: the patients name and the patients room number
Pseudomembranous colitis is usually caused by which of the following: antibiotics
Refills are not permitted for which of the following scedules: schedule II, III, IV, V schedule II
The abbreviation "D51/2NS" stands for: 5 % Dextrose and 0.45% NaCI
The abbreviation CHF stands for: congestive heart failure
The brand name of terazosin is: Hytrin
The classification schedule of drugs which contain the highest potential for abuse are: Schedule II
The correct abbreviation for "righ ear" is AD
The FDA is issuing a recall for a medication whhich causes serious health consequences or death as a result of use, which class recall will it be: class I
The first letter in a physicians DEA number will be A or B
The form on which schedule II drugs are ordered is: DEA 222 form
The formula for normal saline (NS) is: NaCI
The genneric name for tenormin is: atenolol
The maximum length of time an HCTZ precription may be filled is: 1 year
The maximum number of refills allowed for valium is 5 (class IV)
The maximum number of refills allowed for Ritalin is: no refills are allowed (class II)
The pharmacys torsion balance will cause errors when amounts less than ____ are weighed on it. What does the blank represent: 6 mg
The primary organ responsible for drug elimination is the colon
The primary organ responsible for drug metabolism is the : liver
the process of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of a drug from the body is considered the drugs ______profile: pharmacokinetic
The process that prepares a drugs removal from the body is called elimination
The use of a locking cap for prescription vials was madated by the PPPA
To find out if a drug is bioequivalent which is the proper reference book to use: Orange book
To measure 68 ml of liquid, the proper size graduated cylinder to select would be: 3 oz
Transdermal drug delivery is accomplished through: topical use
What is the proper technique to use when working in the laminar flow hood: aseptic technique
What is usually a souce of contamination when working in the laminar flow hood the person working in the hood
What type of hood should be used when preparing an injectible chemotherapy agent: a verical laminar flow hood
When more than one law applies in a given situation, which would take precedence; the most stringent law would apply
Which aggency is responsible for issueing recalls: FDA
Which auxillary label should be affixed to a container that contains Klonopin: may cause drowsiness
Which DEA schedule contains drugs with no current acceptable medical use: Schedule I
Which dosage form is used to mask the unpleasant e=taste of a ddrug: a gelatin capsule
Which drug class does defaclor belong to: cephalosporin
Which group of antibiotics weakens or inhibits production of the cell wall of bacteria pennicillins
Which of the following antibiotics interacts with dairy products: amoxicillin
Which of the following antibiotics pose the greatest danger to a pregnant woman: tetracycline
Which of the following does not appear on the unit dose packaging of a drug: the patients name
Which of the following does not neet to be typed on the label of a retail prescription: the patients social security number
Which of the following dosage forms contain alcohol elixir
Which of the following drug becomes toxic as it ages past its expriation date: penicillin, ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, tetracycline tetracycline
Which of the following drugs is also available as a patch: prazosin, clonidine, enalapril, hctz clonidine (cataprs=must slowly come off drug, only used with patch)
Which of the following drugs is available in both prescription and OTC strengths: pindolol, lisinopril, omeprazole, propoxyphene omeprazole
Which of the following drugs shoud never to stopped abruptly: -beta blocker -diuretics - clonidine -antihistamines: beta blockers and diuretics
Which of the follwoing FDA drug recal categories should pharmacy personnel be concerned with: Class I
Which of the following gauges represents a thin needleL 20, 16, 29, 15: 29
Which of the following is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI): -nizatidine -ompeprazole -cisapride - loperamide: ompeprazole
Which of the following is a stimulant laxative: -MOM -polycarbophil -bisacodyl -loperamide: bisacodyl (laxatives = look for "codyl")
Which of the following is an SSRI: -Elavil -sertraline -doxepin -amitriptyline: sertraline ( also know all: paxil, prozac, and zoloft)
Which of the follwing is not found on a MAR; -prescribers name -potential drug interactions -patients location -the dosing schedule: potential drug interactions
Which of the following is required on a MAR: -prexriber name -patients billing number -administration schedule -all of the above: all of the above
Which site of injection has the fastest rate of absortion for SQ insulin: abdomen
who is responsible for approving new drug entities: -FDA -DEA -State Board of Pharmacy - Pharmacy Practice Act FDA
Why do pharmacies have formularies: reduce treatment cost
1 tsp is equal to how many ml 5 ml
1 tbsp is equal to how many ml 15 ml
1 oz is equal to how many ml 30 ml
1 pint is equal to how many oz 16 oz
1 pint is equal to how many ml 480 ml
1 quart is equal to how many pints 2 pints
1 quart is equal to how many ml 960 ml
1 gln is equal to how many qts 4 qts
1 gln is equal to how many ml 3840 ml
1 oz is equal to how many grams 30 grams
1 pound is equal to how many oz 16 oz
1 pound is equal to how many grams 454 grams
1 kg is equal to how many pounds 2.2 pounds
1 dram(z) is equal how many ml 5 ml
1 grain (gr) is equal to how many mg 65 mg
1 gram is equal to how many grains (gr) 15.4 grains
1 ml is equal to how many gtts 20 gtts
1 ml is equal to how many units (u) 100 units (u)
10 ml is equal to how many units (u) 1000 units (u)
1 kg is equal to how many grams 1000 grams
1 gram is equal to how many mg 1000 mg
1 mg is equal to how many mcg 1000 mcg
The most widely used drug in the world is: acetylsalicylic acid
The study of drugs-their properties, uses, applications and effects: pharmacology
The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Makes health care providers responsible for the privacy and security of all identifiable patient health information
Being capable and qualified: competent
This law defines what drugs require a prescription: Durham-Humphrey Amendment (1951)
This law established the DEA as a division of the Justice Department: Controlled Substance Act (1970)
The second set of numbers in the NDC indicates: The drug name, strength, and dosage form
The skull and vertebra surrounding the spinal column are ____ bones: axial
Which is not part of the male reproductive system: -prostate -ovary -testes -scrotum: ovary
Which of the following practitioners may NOT write a prescription: -medical doctor -podiatrist(DPM) -psychologist (PhD) -dentist (DDS): psychologist (PhD)
The abbreviations OU, OD, and OS all refer to the: eye
Unit dose packaging is used for: aid in the dispensing of medication in an institutional setting
If an IV is to run at 60 ml per hour, what volume will be delivered each minute: 1 ML
Which physiological factor will enhance drug absorption: permeability of tissue membranes
Which size of needle is most likely to cause coring: -13 G - 16G -20 G - 23G: 13 G
When working in a horizontal laminar flow hood, materials should be placed and used within: 6 inches from the opening of the hood
Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) solutions are: hypertonic solutions
Capsules can contain: other capsules, bulk powder, liquids that do not dissolve gelatin
Which route of administration does not have an absorption step; intravenous
Elderly patients may experience more drug interactions than other populations because: -their glomerular filtration rate is about one half the rate of age 20 -hepatic microsomal enzyme function is decreased -they take more drugs because they have more chronic illness
Drugs that cause hepatotoxicity can cause damage to the: liver
Which of the following drugs is not considered a benzodiazpine: -temazepam -alprazolam -citalopram -clonazepam citalopram
A serious side effect of neoplastic drugs is: immunosuppression
Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances are major concerns of prolonged vomiting. Therfore, all but -calcium -magnesium -patassium -iron may be viable supplements: iron
When cancer cells spread from their primary site, they are said to have: metastisized
A patient with a script for oral contraceptives may have this selected drug prescribed: trinessa
Choose the most likely agen orderd to dissolve blood clost: -anticoagulant -thrombolytic -vasodilator -ACE inhibitor: thrombolytic
Mimetic drugs which mimic the action of neurotransmitters are also called: agonists
Antitussive drugs are most commonly prescribed to treat: productive/non-productive coughs
Drugs which act to relax smooth muscle of the bronchi are: xanthine derivatives
Drugs acting on the sypathetic nervous system are called: adrenergic
all of the following are considered cardiovascular agents except: -anticoagulants -antilipidemics -vasopressors -antimetabolics: antimetabolics
Examples of CVS, Rite-aid and Walgreens are: Chain pharmacies
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is responsible for: regulating controlled substances
CPT Codes / Used for a first-encounter with a patient and may be billed in 1-15 minute increments (MTM)-Medication Therapy Management Services 99605
CPT Codes / Used for follow up encounter and may be billed in 1-15 minute increments (MTM)_Medication Therapy Management Services 99606
CPT Codes / An add on CPT Code to be used with 99605 or 99606 when additional 15 minute increments of time are spent face to face with patient (MTM)-Medication Therapy Management Services 99607
Network of providers who are either employed by or have signed contracts to abide by the policies. Usually will not cover expenses incurred outside the network. HMO's
Network of providers contracted by the insurer, choose primary care physician(PCP), partially reimburse expenses outside of their network. POS's
Network of providers contracted by the insurer, offer the most flexibility for their members. Do not rquire a primary care physician PPO's
Companies that administer drug benefit programs: Pharmacy benefit managers
The maximum price per tablet (or other dipensing unit) an insurer or PBM will pay for a given product: (MAC) maximum allowable cost
Can cause cell damage if taken with Lithium. If this occurs, give patient 1 liter of water. what type of drug may cause this: diruetic
Opthalmic ointments tubes are typically: small, holding approximately 3.5 g of ointment and titted with narrow gauge tips which permit extrusion of a narrow ribbon of ointment
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