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Rail Equipment ID

Freight Rail

What does Mechanical Designation in a two or three letter abbreviation represent? A term that Identifys specific type of railroad car.
Describe the term "TRUCK", and its main purpose within the railroad industry? A truck includes wheels (usually four), axle, and journal bearings. This is were the train's engine is equipped with a computer readout. Kept a sustained amount of sealed in grease lubricant, that without will result in friction and extreme heat.
Describe the term "COUPLER",and its main purpose as a component for the train? The Coupler is a device that connects one railroad car to another, and used for joining two railcars, at least one knuckle must be in the open position.
Describe the term "BRAKES", and its serving purpose as a function component on the train? All railroad cars are equiped with having two types of brakes. One being air brake connecting line to each railcar. The Second is a manual brake wheel, used to idle sationary on the track.
Describe the term "DOORS", and the two types of doors used on boxcars and refrigerator railcars. The first type of door is called a sliding door standard equipment on most boxcars. The second door is a plug door, distictly identifyed by two locking bars and handles.
Describe the term "UNDERFRAME", and whats its use on the railcars? It is a shock-absorbing unit, which forms the connection between the coupler and the center sill.
RAILCAR IDENTIFICATION MARKINGS: Describe the term? Teh most important identifying marks located on the side of the freight car are the initial and car number.
CAR INITIAL (MICT): The abbreviation of the railroad or company that owns the railcar. It is registered with the Association of American Railroads.
CAR NUMBER (2226): A consecutive series of numbers assigned to identify the proper railcar needed for a shipment and also serve in tracking a shipment along its route.
MECHANICAL DESIGNATION (XM): The Mechanical Designation is a two or three letter abbreviation that represents a particular type of railcar.
CAPACITY (CAPY 110,000): The capacity is the recommended amount of weight that a railroad car is allowed to carry. It is stenciled in multiples of 1,000 pounds.
LOAD LIMIT (LD LMT 120,000): The load limit is 120,000 pounds the maximum amount of weight that a railcar can legally contain.
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