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bkhs 11/F unit 15

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level f unit 15

adamant firm in purpose or opinion, stubborn
brouhaha a confused hodgepodge of sounds, an uproar
bulwark a strong defense or protection
choleric easily made angry; bad-tempered
cloy to spoil an appetite by too much indulgence
curtail to cut short
deference courteous yielding to the wishes of another; great respect
definitive conclusive, final
demeanor the way a person behaves; manner
enigmatic puzzling, perplexing
impromptu without preparation, offhand
mawkish excessively sentimental
mollify to soften, make calm
onus something that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsiblity)
presentiment a vague sense of approaching misfortune
profligate given over to self-indulgence, immoral
remit to send or hand in (money), to cancel or forgive
requisite needed, necessary
sartorial of or pertaining to a tailor, having to do with clothes (especially men's)
thwart to oppose sucessfully, to prevent
Created by: mrsgluszak