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bkhs 11/F unit 14

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level f unit 14

amenable willing to follow advice or authority; submissive
berate to scold sharply
carnage large-scale slaughter or loss of life
credulous too ready to believe, easily deceived
criterion a rule, test; standard for evaluation
deplete to use up as a result of spending or consumption
expatiate to expand on, write or talk at leangth or in detail
extraneous coming from the outside, foreign, not essential
inception the beginning, start
infirmity a weakness or ailment
jejune lacking in nutritive value or substance, immature, juvenile
obdurate stubborn
potpourri a collection of miscellaneous items, a mixture
precocious showing unusually early development
sadistic delighting in cruelty
sententious self-righteous, given to use of maxims
supplicate to beg earnestly and humbly
surfeit an excess or overindulgence
tortuous winding, twisted, highly complex
turgid swollen, bloated, overdecorated
Created by: mrsgluszak
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