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bkhs 12/G unit 15

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level g unit 15

amenity that which is pleasant or agreeable
aperture an opening, gap, hole
dissidence a difference of opinion
epicurean devoted to the pursuit of pleasure; fond of good food
improvident not thrifty; failing to plan ahead
iniquity wickedness, sin
inviolable sacred, of such a character that it must not be broken, injured or profaced
mutable open to or capable of change, fickle
nascent just beginning to exist or develop
obeisance a deep bow or other movement indicating respect or submission
panegyric formal or elaborate praise
pillory a device for publicly punishing offenders
pittance a woefully meager allowance or wage
presage to foreshadow or point to a future event; to predict; a warning of the future
progeny descendants, offspring
promulgate to proclaim or issue officially; to make known far and wide
rectitude uprightness, correctness
restive restless, hard to manage
seraphic angelic, heavenly
subsist to have existence, to remain alive
Created by: mrsgluszak
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