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bkhs 12/G unit 14

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level g unit 14

beatific blissful; rendering or making blessed
behemoth a creature of enormous size, power
blandishment anything designed to flatter or coax
cacophonous harsh-sounding, raucous
chicanery trickery, deceptive practices or tactics
consign to give over to another's care, charge or control
coup a highly successful stroke; a sudden takeover of power or leadership
euphemism a mild or inoffensive expression used in place or a harsh or unpleasant one
febrile feverish, frenetic
gainsay to deny, contradict
imminent about to happen, threatening
innate natural, inborn
loath unwilling, reluctant
manifest clear, evident to the mind; to show plainly, a list of cargo and/or passengers
minutiae small or trivial details
moratorium a suspension of activity; an official waiting period
nostrum an alleged cure-all
pariah one who is rejected
visionary not practical, lacking in realism; a dreamer
wizened dry, shrunken, and wrinkled
Created by: mrsgluszak
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