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bkhs 12/G unit 13

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level g unit 13

abstruse extremely difficult to understand
affront an open or intentional insult, a slight
canard a false rumor, fabricated story
captious excessively ready to find fault, given to petty criticism
cognizant aware, knowledgeable
contrite regretful for some misdeed or sin
cynosure the center of attraction, attention or interest
decorous well behaved, dignified
deign to think it apprepriate or suitable to one's dignity to do something; to condescend
desiccated thoroughly dried out
efficacy the power to produce a desired result
engender to bring into existence, give rise to
ethereal light, airy, delicate; suggesting what is heavenly
facade the front or face of a building, a surface appearance
ghoulish revolting in an unnatural or morbid way
incongruous not in keeping, unsuitable
machination a crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some end
mesmerize to hypnotize
opprobrium disgrace arising from shameful conduct
putative generally regarded as such, reputed
Created by: mrsgluszak