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bkhs 11/F unit 8

sadlier-oxford vocab workshop level f unit 8

acrimonious stinging, bitter in temper or tone
bovine resembling a cow or ox, sluggish
consternation dismay, confusion
corpulent fat, having a large bulky body
disavow to deny responsibility for or connection with
dispassionate impartial; calm, free from emotion
dissension disagreement, sharp difference of opinion
dissipate to cause to disappear; to scatter, dispel; to spend foolishly
expurage to remove objectionable passages or words from a text, to cleanse, purify
gauntlet an armored or protective glove; a challenge; an ordeal
hypothetical based on an assumption or guess; used as a provisional or tentative idea to guide or direct investigation
ignoble mean, low, base
impugn to call into question; to attack as false
intemperate immoderate; lacking in self-control
odium hatred, contempt, disgrace
perfidy faithlessness, treachery
relegate to place in a lower position; to assign or refer; to banish
squeamish inclined to nausea, easily shocked or upset
subservient subordinate in capacity or role, submissively obedient
susceptible open to; easily influenced
Created by: mrsgluszak