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theory review 150

week 4

encrypted data often looks like geberish to unauthorized users True
A medicare claim must include standard codes True
all physcians offices billing electronically or directly or through a third party is still subject to HIPAA transaction rule False
confidential data should be stored only in the computers hard drive False
The exchange of data in standardized format through computer connections is known as electronic data interchange False
an installed firewall and antivirus software hel[ maintain computer security True
When submitting a claim to medicare the name of the insured is required not situational False
Practice management systems can be rented from practice management systems on the internet True
Clearing houses always charge a flat fee for claim processing False
Insurance claims to be submitted electronically must have a signed agreement True
Recieves the insurance claims submits them electronically to the correct insurance payer Clearing house
Transmits claims to the insurance payer performs software edits seperates claims by carrier what a clearing house does
Insurance claims transmitted electronically are usually paid in how much time 3-4 weeks
The employers identication number is assigned by who The IRS
Insurance claim form data is gathered when Before during and after the service rendered
Back up copies of office record should be stored where? Away from the office
The most important function of a practice management system is what? Accounts Receviable
When a medical practice has its own computer and transmits claims electronically to the insurance carrier this system is known as what? Carrier-Direct
What is the printout used to look for errors before insurance claim is transmitted electronically called? An insurance billing worksheet
Review clearing house/payer transmission reports should be done how often Daily
Posting payments in a practice management system should be done how often Daily
Correct rejections and resubmit claims should be done how often Daily
Batch, scrub edit and transmit claims Daily or Weekly
Audit calims batched and transmitted with confirmations reports should be done Daily
Back and forth communication between user and computer online real time is called interactive transaction
Created by: nikki1126
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